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white modern living room surrounded by wood windows

Wood Windows

Why Choose Wood Windows?

Wood windows offer natural beauty, warmth and design flexibility, all while delivering exceptional energy efficiency. Offering more customization options than other materials, wood windows can be personalized to the aesthetic you dream of – traditional, historic, modern and more. To protect the wood exterior from the elements, aluminum cladding is available in a variety of colors to match other parts of your home. Wood protection resists the effects of moisture, decay and termite damage, offering the long-lasting durability that your everyday life demands. Wood windows come in many different types, sizes, styles and shapes.

Wood window benefits

Low-maintenance aluminum cladding on the exterior of wood windows protects them from the elements, resisting rot and corrosion. Available in a variety of colors, the exterior of your wood windows will look beautiful and match other parts of your home.

No matter the style of your home, wood windows deliver intricately crafted designs with detailed craftsmanship and natural beauty.

Wood windows offer the most customizable designs. With more features and options than other materials, you can personalize a window to achieve your desired aesthetic.

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Pella's Wood

What makes Pella's wood different from the competition.


Exclusive Wood Protection

Get advanced protection from the effects of moisture, decay and stains from mold and mildew - as well as termite damage. EnduraGuard® helps ensure strong protection on every exterior wood surface of our products.