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What is your return policy for online orders?

We’re committed to customer satisfaction. If the product you ordered online is damaged during shipping or you do not receive exactly what you ordered, we want to make it right by refunding you in full or sending you a new product. We do not accept returns of undamaged made-to-order products in which a buyer ordered the incorrect size or color, or decided the product was no longer needed. See for additional details and exclusions. If you have questions about returns and refunds, please email

How do I measure my windows and doors?

How do I track my online order?

When you order parts online, you’ll receive an email when your products are on their way with a link to track your shipment at any time.

What is your cancellation policy?

All orders placed online are tailor made for you, made to the exact measurements and specifications your home requires. See terms and conditions attached to your order for more information.

Why are my windows foggy?

Condensation on the interior or exterior of a window often indicates high humidity levels and is nothing to worry about. Condensation between panes of insulating glass, however, can develop when the seal between panes of glass fail and allows moisture to leak in.

What causes condensation in windows?

Most of the time, interior or exterior condensation on your windows is a matter of temperature and humidity. When the air is hotter and more humid on one side of the glass, moisture collects on the window panes. If you see condensation in between pieces of insulated glass on dual-pane or triple-pane windows, it’s usually an indication of glass seal failure. You can help reduce window condensation with these tips.

What is the average cost to replace windows?

A number of factors contribute to the cost of replacing windows, including material type, glass type, window type, installation costs, number of windows and more.

What do I have to do to get the warranty on my product?

The warranty automatically comes with your product when you purchase it. If you have a warranty question, you can contact Pella Customer Service at 877-473-5527 or see written warranties for complete details.

What do I need to provide to get parts under warranty?

The warranty comes with your product when it is purchased. All you need to provide when you have a warranty issue is the serial number shown on the product, the purchase order, or the order number from your purchase. For parts, please contact customer service at 877-473-5527.

Am I eligible for the lifetime coverage mentioned in the limited warranty?

Limited lifetime warranty coverage, in warranties that include this coverage, applies to the original purchaser of Pella products in an owner-occupied single-family residence. See written limited warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, or contact Pella Customer Service at 877-473-5527.

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