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Impact-Resistant Glass

Protect your home with impact-resistant glass. When strong hurricane winds enter a home through broken windows or doors, the increased pressure can lift off the roof and harm the structural integrity of your home. While completely hurricane-proof windows, doors and homes don’t exist, our impact-resistant products provide added safety and security.

Superior Protection from the Elements

How It Works

An exceptionally strong polymer layer located between two panes of glass provides reinforcement and holds the glass together even if it shatters. This helps prevent damage and injury caused by wind, water and debris. For the best performance, the laminated glass may be located on either the interior or exterior pane of insulating glass, depending on the product.

Added Safety and Security

Pella’s impact-resistant glass helps prevent forced entry. The interlayer cannot be easily penetrated, even if the glass shatters. This provides added protection from intruders and storms, meaning storm shutters are no longer necessary.

Tested to Meet Stringent Building Codes23

We believe in going beyond the ordinary to deliver products you can trust. To test the laminated glass rated to an ASTM E1996 missile D rating, we fire a 2'x4' at 50 feet per second at the window. The window and laminate need to remain intact to prevent a large rush of air and debris from entering the home. After impact, we subject the window to 9,000 cycles of hurricane pressures to help ensure the window will remain intact.

Year-Round Benefits

Enjoy year-round benefits and explore how our outstanding impact-resistant glass can provide excellent protection for your home.

Dramatic noise reduction.

Laminated glass helps reduce outside noise like traffic and lawn mowers, so you’ll enjoy more peace and quiet.

Superior fade protection.

Impact-resistant Low-E insulating glass blocks out nearly 100% of harmful UV rays. This helps protect furniture, carpet and window treatments from fading.

Valuable financial benefits.

These windows and doors may add equity to your home and could reduce insurance premiums.25

Improved safety and security.

Pella’s impact-resistant glass helps prevent forced entry — the interlayer cannot be easily penetrated, even if the glass is shattered.

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