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10 Types of Round Windows

Learn how 10 various types of round windows can liven up your space as a design focal point that can offer fresh air, natural light and architectural interest.

Windows come in many unique shapes and sizes, but often people default to a basic rectangle. Adding a special shape window to your home is one way to liven up a space and give your home a distinctive look. In addition to letting in more natural light or fresh air, curved windows are also beautiful design focal points that add architectural interest to many different rooms. Custom circular windows can be incorporated into traditional interiors and modern ones, making them a perfect addition to any style home.

Here are ten popular types of round windows!

1. Circle Windows

You can recognize a circle window by its gracefully curved shape and symmetrical design. Also known as full circle or round porthole windows, these custom windows are commonly installed in closets, bathrooms, entryways and stairways. Adding more natural light to those tighter and smaller areas where you need it most, circular windows create design interest as a standalone accent. The timeless nature of a circle window makes it a great addition to both traditional interiors or modern and contemporary homes. Not to mention the architectural value that circle windows add to a structure’s exterior.

2. Hexagon Windows

Marked by six straight edges and angles, hexagon windows resemble the shape of a honeycomb. Hexagon windows are also referred to as hexagonal windows, six-sided windows and hexagon-shaped windows.

Regardless of what you call them, these windows are guaranteed to add style and uniqueness to your home. They first became popular in the 19th century when architects would use them to bring natural light to an attic. Today, hexagon windows are common in entryways and as bathroom windows, appearing as an independent focal point or in series of three horizontally or vertically. Hexagon windows can be operable or fixed, ensuring natural light with ventilation an option as well.

3. Octagon Windows

Octagon windows look similar to hexagon windows, but feature eight sides instead of six. The style is a hallmark of traditional design that has been making a strong comeback because of the elegance this shape adds to any room. As kitchen windows or bathroom windows, eight-sided windows bring distinctive flair and additional brightness. Octagon windows that open have even more to offer, given the fresh air and breeze they let in. For a more traditional look, we recommend adding simple grilles to the glass. Octagon windows without grilles typically lend themselves to a more modern design for contemporary-style homes.

4. Oval Windows

Oval windows are round and have slightly elongated frames, much like the shape of an egg. The shape is most used in a vertical fashion, but horizontal orientations serve as a rare and beautiful design element as well. Oval-shaped windows are a common choice for traditional, farmhouse, cottage and historical houses. Whether it’s made of wood, fiberglass or vinyl, an oval focal point is a great way to emphasize tall ceilings and add ornate detailing to an entryway, study or staircase.

5. Arch Windows or Full Springline

Arch windows, also referred to as full springline or radius windows, seamlessly combine the softness of a circle with the straight corners of a rectangle. The bottom portion of the window is rectangular-shaped while the upper area is a half-circle or arch shape. Full springline windows add traditional style and look great in a side-by-side series of three or more. The repeated pattern invokes calmness and harmony, making dining rooms and living rooms even more inviting. Arch windows can be specially ordered as French casements that swing open from the center with a simple push, letting in fresh air and a breeze. Arch windows in natural wood or painted black pop off a lighter-colored wall. No matter the color, these windows are stylish, timeless and picture perfect.

6. Half Circle Windows or Full Chord

Half circle windows are also called full chord windows, semicircle windows and half round windows. A chord is a line that goes through a circle at any two points. A half circle means the circle was cut at the diameter, whereas a chord slices a shortened section. However large the chord, these windows are beautiful as transoms over another window, filling rooms with natural light. If placed above a door, we recommend making the half circle window the same width as the door frame. Half circle windows can also stand alone as an accent design element.

7. Partial Chord Windows

Using a similar shape as the full chord windows, the design of a partial chord window divides down the center, creating two separate windows. These windows are commonly used as a transom above other windows. When placed in combination with other windows, the partial chord windows typically tower high on the wall and therefore do not ventilate. Partial chord design is beautiful in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms alike. These windows offer plenty of natural light and make any home feel grand given the delicate details they contribute.

8. Quarter Round Windows or Quarter Circle Windows

The shape of a half circle cut in half again makes quarter round windows, also known as quarter circle windows. A quarter circle window looks like a quarter of a pie, and they are just as irresistible. Often used as a unifying arch above rectangular shapes, quarter round windows look great in combination with windows. They look great as living room windows with tall ceilings. While these windows are only a fraction of a circle, they offer the full package in terms of natural light and style. There’s no doubt that this shape is a well-rounded addition to many spaces.

9. Elliptical Windows

Elliptical windows add design interest and natural light as an accent over exterior doors. An elliptical window looks like a half circle but is a little wider and more flattened. These arched windows work well atop front doors, patio doors and large window combinations. Above French doors or a front door with sidelights, elliptical windows create an umbrella effect that makes for a unified design. Many homeowners add grilles to elliptical windows to break up the streams of light and appeal to a traditional design that never goes out of style.

10. Half Elliptical Windows

Half elliptical windows are the shape of a full elliptical split in half down the center. These shapes are usually paired as a side-by-side duo. Working well above other windows and doors, half elliptical windows draw your eye up to natural light that makes an entryway, living room or dining room feel larger and grand. In traditional homes, half elliptical windows are charming in wood or white with the addition of grilles. They can also appear in black fiberglass without grilles to offer a more modern and contemporary feel.

There’s no doubt that window styles contribute to your home’s personality. Apart from these 10 shapes, think outside the box and dream up your own custom-shape windows. With Pella’s ability to build made-to-order windows outside the standard offerings, the possibilities are endless.

What are half circle windows called?

Half circle windows are also known as semicircle windows, full chord windows, or half round windows.

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