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Best Windows for a Home Office

Create a more inspiring environment for your home office with windows from Pella. The right windows can breathe fresh life into your indoor space and help maximize productivity

Whether you work from home or simply have a dedicated space for doing things you love, like reading, writing or crafting, windows can be a difference maker in your home office. Use them to invite more natural light into your space and create a more inspiring work environment.

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home Office

People who work from home understand the importance of building a space that is clean, comfortable and free from distractions. The goal is to maximize productivity, and every element of your home office can play a role in helping to achieve that goal.

One element of your home office that you might overlook is the windows. Windows help you control the amount of light in your space and invite in a cool breeze if you are in need of a breath of fresh air.

Selecting the right window for your space is critical. You will want a window that provides your home office with suitable lighting, as a dark work space can strain your eyes and a work space that is too bright can affect your ability to clearly make out details on your computer screen. Home office window placement is important so you avoid the inconvenience of sun glare. And, windows can also help you regulate the temperature of your home office for a more comfortable environment.

There a number of different window types to choose from, each of which offers a unique way of accommodating the needs of your home office.

Casement Windows are a Home Office Staple

Casement windows are perhaps the most popular choice for a home office. Hinged at the sides, casement windows open outward, providing a clear view of the outdoors. They are coveted for their ease of operation and frequently installed in spots that are difficult to reach.

But the reason casement windows have become a staple of home offices is their clean and uncluttered look. The last thing you want in a work space is clutter, and the simple design of casement windows help create a well-lit and comfortable atmosphere. They open up your home office with more natural light and contribute to a work space that encourages productivity.

In addition to function, style is also an important consideration when choosing a window. Casement windows are versatile and when left free of ornamentation, can provide a modern touch that would feel right at home in more of a contemporary setting. Depending on the color palette of your space, windows also present an opportunity to incorporate color through the hardware selections or window treatments.

Single- and Double-Hung Windows Offer Improved Air Flow

Single-hung windows are a classic choice. The bottom sash of a single-hung window moves up and down, while the upper sash is fixed in place. Double-hung windows are a bit more versatile because both the top and bottom sashes can be opened to increase air flow and ventilation.

Single-hung windows generally cost less than their double-hung counterparts, and thus can be a cost-effective solution if you are designing your home office on a budget. But don’t underestimate the benefit of improved air flow that double-hung windows can provide. If you are concerned about feeling too confined in your home office space, the versatile ventilation of double-hung windows can represent a literal breath of fresh air.

In addition, the sashes of double-hung windows can be tilted down and in for simpler and more convenient cleaning, especially if your home office is not on the ground floor of your home.

Open Up Your Home Office with Sliding Windows

If you are limited on space outside to swing open a window, sliding windows are a simple solution. Sliding windows from Pella are similar to double-hung windows but slide open horizontally from one side to the other rather than up and down, providing easy access to fresh air. They are especially popular for difficult-to-reach areas.

Not only are sliding windows easy to use, but they are durable, energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. You can’t go wrong by keeping it simple with sliding windows.

Popular Window Treatments

Finding the right window treatments for your home office is very important when you consider how sun glare can reflect on your computer screen and affect your work productivity. Integrated shades and between-the-glass blinds both allow you to control the amount of sunlight into your space and also afford you a measure of privacy whenever you need it.

Both options are cordless, which is recommended if you live with children or pets. Tucked between panes of glass, Pella’s shades and blinds feature raise-and-lower functionality and are protected from dust and harbor fewer indoor allergens than roomside window treatments.

Deciding on a window type for your home office may sound like a simple choice, but there are a number of factors worth considering before making a purchase. Your goal is to create a work environment conducive to productivity, and windows play an important role in achieving that. Be sure to explore all of your options before deciding on what works best for your home office.

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