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lifestyle series hinged door with four casement windows

Wood Patio Door Grille Options

Grilles for wood patio doors add architectural and design interest to your home.

Grilles for Wood Patio Doors

Pella offers many different styles of grilles for wood patio doors to complement your home’s style. Explore how our breadth of grilles can enhance the overall look of your home — from historic renovation to modern, new construction.

Features of Grilles

Historically Authentic
Get the historically authentic look of divided-light with grilles for Pella wood patio doors. Insulating glass even contains a non-glare foam spacer between the panes of glass to cast realistic shadows.

Beautiful Patterns and Profiles
We have grille patterns and profiles to match any style of home. With square, Ogee and Putty grille profiles and several patterns, there is a grille design to complement your home’s architectural style.

Easy to Clean
Simplify cleaning with removable grilles. They attach to the inside of your doors and can be removed for cleaning. Between-the-glass aluminum grilles are another great choice for easy cleaning — they’re permanently sealed between panes of glass, leaving a smooth surface.

Innovative Grille Profiles

Integral Light Technology® (ILT) Grilles

Grilles with Integral Light Technology are bonded permanently to the inside and outside of patio doors. Nonglare foam spacers between the grilles cast realistic shadows – just like individual windowpanes would. They create the most authentic look of true divided light.

5/8" Putty Glaze Integral Light Technology

Simulated-Divided-Light Grilles

Grilles with simulated-divided-light technology create the look of divided light. On dual-pane patio doors, grilles are permanently sealed to the inside and outside of the glass. On triple-pane patio doors, grilles are bonded to the exterior of the glass and feature between-the-glass grilles on the interior.

7/8" Simulated-Divided Light no spacer

Removable Roomside Wood Grilles

Attached on the inside with latches, removable roomside wood grilles can be removed to make glass cleaning easier. They are a great choice for homes that desire the authenticity of wood and require easy cleaning.

3/4" Roomside


Wood patio doors with aluminum grilles-between-the-glass have aluminum grilles that are permanently sealed between insulating panes of glass — leaving a smooth surface that is easy to clean. When you desire the look of divided light but want a convenient cleaning option, consider grilles-between-the-glass.

3/4" Grilles-Between-the-Glass

Beautiful Grille Patterns

Grille Patterns & Designs

With patterns to match nearly any home’s style, patio doors with grilles are a beautiful addition to your home.


Grilles for Patio Doors by Material

For the Pros

Product Specs for Wood Patio Doors with Grilles

Find out everything you need to know for your next project. Download accessory specs for patio doors with grilles.

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Impact-Resistant Glass

Protect What You Value Most

You can trust our products to perform. We test our designs beyond requirements in extreme temperatures, for thousands of cycles, and sometimes even by hurling 2x4s – all in the name of a better product.*

*Only available on Pella Reserve - Traditional and Architect Series - Traditional products and select Pella Reserve - Contemporary windows.

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With Pella, you get so much more than stunning windows and doors. We go beyond industry requirements when testing our products and continuously innovate.
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