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close shot of a solid wood entry door with square speakeasy with grilles

Décor for Wood Entry Doors

Add hinge straps, clavos, a dentil shelf and more.

Décor Options

Personalize your premium wood Pella® entry door with stylish accessories. Available in coordinating finishes to complement your home’s architecture and your style.

Stylish Accessories for Every Home

  • Clavos and hinge straps
  • Speakeasies
  • Crossbucks
  • Dentil shelf
  • Standard and low-profile sills
  • Wrought iron

Available Accessories

Clavos & Hinge Straps

Add rustic details to your wood entry door with clavos and hinge straps. Clavos are decorative nails and hinge straps add old-world charm with the decorative look of a historically structural detail.

Square, Diamond or Round Clavos


Originally added to vertically planked doors and gates for strength, crossbucks now are a design feature, adding a rustic touch. Available on select panel styles.

a crossbuck that would be cut into a wood entry door

Dentil Shelf

Create the ultimate craftsman look by adding a dentil shelf to your front entry door. A dentil shelf is a series of small square blocks uniformly spaced and projecting like teeth. Available on craftsman style panels.

dentil shelf for a solid wood entry door


Coined during the Prohibition Era, a speakeasy is a small window cut at eye level on an entry door panel that is used to view outside without opening the entire door. A speakeasy has a small opening – either glass or a door with a latch – that opens to the interior of the home.


Sill Options

Located at the bottom of the frame, a sill helps channel water away from your home and provides a transition from the exterior to the interior of your home.

Anodized Bronze


Coordinate your premium wood entry door’s hinges with other hinge and handle finishes in your home for a seamless look.

Satin Nickel

Wrought Iron

Complete your look with elegant wrought-iron designs. Ornate and sophisticated, our old-world inspired designs are available on select panel styles.

La Colina

Décor by Entry Door Material

For the Pros

Entry Door Installation and Product Specs

Whether you’re working on a new construction, pocket replacement or full replacement job, find everything you need to know for your next entry door installation. Explore product specs and installation details to save time on your next project.

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The Pella Difference

With Pella, you get so much more than stunning windows and doors. We go beyond industry requirements when testing our windows and doors and continuously innovate.

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Pella products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

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