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Full Frame Replacement Hinged French Patio Door Installation

Explore full frame replacement for a hinged French patio door, used when a new door is installed after removal of an existing frame and sashes, based on the frame type required for your project.

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    Brick Installation Instructions

    Full Frame Replacement Without Disturbing Brick or Siding for Block Frame Hinged Doors

    Brick or any lap or panel siding with trim or J-trim surrounding the opening.


    Patio Doors with Impact-Resistant

    Wood Brickmould Doors with Exterior Trim or Wood Brickmould Hinged Doors

    The existing hinged door and wood brickmould or trim is removed. The new window or door with trim or brickmould is sealed to the wall in the opening left by the removal of the existing brickmould and window or door.


    Patio Doors

    After Brickmould or Trim Removal or Siding Cut-Back for Nail Fin Hinged Doors

    The existing door and wood brickmould/trim is removed. The new door with nail fin is sealed and attached to the wall in the opening left by the removal of the existing brickmould and door. Exterior trim is then used to cover the nail fin.


    Patio Doors
    Patio Doors with Impact-Resistant Glass

    Stucco Walls for Flush Flange Hinged Doors

    The existing door is cut out of the opening or collapsed. The opening is sealed and flashed using a patent pending water-management liner. A new flush flange door can be installed against the existing stucco, covering the water management liner.


    Patio Doors

    Masonry Construction for Flush Flange or Wood Brickmould Hinged Doors

    A hinged door is installed in a concrete or masonry wall with wood buck. The door is attached using frame screws or clips and sealed to the wood buck using the flush flange or brickmould.


    Patio Doors Including Impact-Resistant

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