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Wirtz building Horizontal view.

333 N. Michigan Ave. Office Building


Professional Installation Corporation


Chicago, IL

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333 N. Michigan Ave. Office Building

In the heart of Chicago stands the 35-story 333 North Michigan Avenue Office Building. When the time came to replace the building's original windows, the building owner wanted to find energy-efficient windows that could be replaced from inside the building and provide a consistent look from the exterior.

Starting in the 1980s as a small commercial replacement window project, the 333 North Michigan Avenue office building, previously known as the Wirtz office building, slowly evolved and transformed into a whole-building replacement project. Pella's reputation for building quality products, custom installation systems and service after the sale helped the owner of the building know that choosing Pella was the right decision.

Using a Unique Installation System for Commercial Replacement Windows

Working on a commercial building project sometimes requires unique solutions. The building was originally outfitted with single-pane aluminum windows, leaving a drafty, inefficient building. The owner of the building turned to Pella to help find a replacement window solution. But because this build is 35 stories, the Pella team had to get creative on how to replace these windows. The standard subframe system consisted of aluminum components that were reconfigured to act as a new frame for the window. Using this system allowed installation of the new windows from inside the building, eliminating the need for exterior scaffolding, reducing installation labor costs and minimizing disturbance to the existing construction.

High-Performing Double-Hung Windows

When replacing the existing single-pane windows, the goal was to find energy-efficient windows that would add value to the building. The Pella representative suggested using Designer Series, now referred to as Pella Lifestyle Series, aluminum-clad wood double-hung windows - they feature tilt-latches so cleaning on high floors was simplified. The team could simply tilt the window panes in to clean them, eliminating the need for window washers. Blinds-between-the glass were used to add privacy and eliminate the need for window coverings and provides a uniform look on the exterior.

Exceptional Service After the Sale

At Pella, we strive to provide exceptional service to each customer we work with. Throughout the course of this project, the relationship that was built between the Pella representative and the building owner allowed the initial scope of the project to expand to include the entire building. And with our support after the sale, including servicing our products, the benefits of choosing Pella continue to pay off.

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Project Gallery

Convenient Blinds-Between-the-Glass

Double-hung windows with blinds-between-the-glass were a perfect choice for this commercial project. They don't require any cleaning, eliminate the need for additional window coverings and create a cohesive look from the exterior. Learn more about our between-the glass blinds.

Subframe Installation Systems

Pella offers a variety of subframe systems to meet the unique demands of your project. Whether you’re looking for a nail fin, block frame or brickmould or flush flange frame, we offer solutions with step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams.

Contemporary Window Designs

The double-hung windows used in the 333 North Michigan Avenue building are a great option for transitional projects. The simple design allows the timeless wood finish to shine through. With a number of paint and stain colors, you can choose a complementary finish for your project.

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