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Say hello to the next big innovation.

Game Changing.
The Future.

The exclusive Easy-Slide Operator, a revolutionary, patent-pending hardware solution – available on Pella® Impervia® casement and awning windows.

Slide open, slide closed

With the same simple motion as dimming the lights with a dimmer switch, the Easy-Slide Operator allows you to simply slide to open and close your casement and awning windows, without the effort of cranking.

Sleek, modern design

The slim, sleek design is placed discretely on the window for an undisrupted look and is tucked to not interfere with window treatments or decor. The easy to use hardware is located conveniently on the jamb of a casement window and on the sill for an awning window.

Secured with precision venting technology

Using precision venting technology, the hardware features a brake system which allows you to open your window exactly how far you want to — and it secures in place.

Designed with a comfort grip

The innovative hardware is engineered with a comfort grip for easy use and smooth operation.