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9 Sunroom Ideas to Boost Your Style

A well-designed sunroom can be an excellent home addition, serving as a quiet and calm getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re thinking of adding a sunroom to your home or need some style tips to revamp your current sunroom, these nine ideas will renew your space.

There’s nothing quite like an inviting sunroom. A bridge between the indoors and outdoors, sun porches are ideal for a range of activities and arrangements, from sipping a cup of joe with a classic novel to watching the sun set on a sleepy summer day. To transform the style of your sunroom into something your neighbors are sure to take notice of, read on.

A Beautiful Sunroom Starts with the Extras

It may seem counterintuitive, but crafting a charming sunroom can start with those little things that sometimes go overlooked during the all-season room design process. Sprinkling in a stacked selection of your favorite literature or making room for striking artwork can differentiate your sun porch, turning it into a truly elegant area.

1. Good Books, Lovely Sunroom

Perhaps not traditionally considered all-season room décor, selectively stacking a few of your most cherished books around your sunroom can express your sense of individual style. Resting on your coffee table, books can also make your sunroom feel whole, lived-in and authentic. Plus, literature usually doesn’t go out of style with the seasons, so a bundle of books will likely be an engaging mainstay in your sunroom design all year round.

Beyond style and décor, there’s nothing better than diving into a good read with the warmth of the sun lighting up the pages. One-of-a-kind custom windows from Pella could improve your three-season porch reading experience. With unique shapes, intricate grille designs and beveled glass options to choose from, there’s no reason not to liven up your reading time with something special.

2. A Modern Sunroom Starts with Art

Most of us seek to personalize our homes, adding unique ideas and decorative elements that reflect who we are as people. A perfect way to capture your individual personality in your sunroom can be through thoughtful selections of art. Art adds distinction and a vibrant finishing touch to your sunroom’s design.

Be sure to consider scale, framing and display. It might not be a bad idea, depending on your particular sun porch’s décor, to curate art that will add another layer of tranquility. Think artwork with calming colors and soothing hues.

If you’re more of a contemporary art fan, Pella contemporary windows and sliding patio doors can complement your artistic tastes with stylish designs and expansive glass. Sleek sightlines and engaging views can open up your sun porch to the lustre of the outdoors, all while maintaining top-end energy efficiency.

3. Green Thumbs Thrive with Sunroom Windows and Doors

If, when designing your sunroom, you opted for a sturdier material, such as Pella® Impervia® fiberglass sliding patio doors, chances are you maximized visible sunlight due to narrower frames surrounding your sunroom windows. Such abundant natural light levels are the perfect environment for plants.

There are ample greenery ideas to choose from for your sunroom. Low-maintenance options that add room dimension include fiddle leaf fig trees, succulents, peace lilies, split-leaf philodendrons and orchids.

It can be difficult, in regions with harsh winters, to keep plant life thriving all year long. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego your passion for plants. NaturalSun Low-E Insulating Glass with argon will keep your sunroom garden insulated from any frigid winds while still enabling the sun’s rays to warm your sunroom.

4. Sun Porch Snacks

Spend enough time in your beautiful sunroom and, chances are, you’re bound to get hungry. Consider, then, investing in a stylish mini bar. Completing your sunroom with a dedicated area for snacks and drinks will make entertaining your guests a breeze. After all, you’ve taken so much time to perfect your sunroom design, why leave the room when you don’t have to?

Keys to Sunroom Décor: Abundant Light & Brightness

As hard as it is to accept, the sun does eventually set. And, sometimes, daylight can even shine a touch too brightly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your sunroom throughout the entire day. When it’s time to relax and rest, you can set up your sunroom to accommodate any environmental situation with the proper blinds, shades and lighting.

5. All-Season Lighting

By nature, all-season rooms facilitate the light to flood into the room with the use of large sunroom windows and patio doors. But, sometimes too much light can become bothersome, especially during those particularly sunny days.

For the family with little ones or pets, integrated and between-the-glass blinds and shades can shield you from the sun and have available motorized technology to simplify your sunroom relaxation time. Balance your sunroom with the perfect amount of natural light and medium or dark colors.

6. Fresh French Patio Door Fixtures

Featuring stunning design, French patio doors in your sunroom might be a great idea for amplifying your chosen design aesthetic while simultaneously boosting the amount of natural light in your sunroom.

Additionally, Pella’s innovative retractable window screen technology allows natural light to beam into your sunroom and rolls out of sight when you close your window. When the seasons change, you won’t have to bother with screen storage unlike traditional window screens.

7. Accent Lighting is the Perfect Sunroom Addition

Even though your sunroom is outfitted with the best window and door options to enable streams of sunlight inside all year long, a beautiful sunroom may still need lamps, pendants and sconces too. As daytime eventually fades into cool evenings and nights, a few carefully selected and stylish light fixtures will keep you enjoying your sunroom even after the sun has set.

Stunning Sunroom Furniture

So, you have your sunroom décor almost complete. You carefully selected books, art and light fixtures to create an alluring atmosphere that’s equally welcoming and comfortable. But, of course, you’ll need the right choice of furniture too so you, your family and all your guests can relax in style.

8. Transitional Décor

Your sunroom décor should encourage you to relax and reflect, offering an escape from the sometimes unrelenting pace of modern life. A sunroom is the perfect place to unwind, and with the right furniture and décor, your eyes will glide from one area of your sunroom to another.

A tiled floor can lead you to glance from the cross beams of your coffee table, to your rug, to your couch and windows. Try to create a natural flow when arranging the pieces of your sunroom so the furniture and décor culminates in a sense of calm and leisure.

9. Wooden Accents

Of course, your interior design strategy should be completely your own, reflecting your unique individual tastes so your sunroom décor makes you the most satisfied. However, considering adding wooden bowls with a mixed material coffee table can create a natural and relaxing space you’ll want to unwind in for hours.

Some call them sunrooms. Others say sun porches. Even still, some refer to them as all-season rooms. The label for this special room in your house isn’t what’s important. Rather, it’s important that your sunroom be decorated and styled to capture your unique personality and that it exudes a sense of warmth that, sometimes, can be hard to find anywhere else.

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