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This is your window of opportunity.

The Pella Direct Sales Network

As a new Pella Direct Sales Network (PDSN) distributor, you will have advantages to help jumpstart your success. The PDSN is where the Pella brand is activated through a direct customer connection and a marquis experience others can't touch.

Brand Power

Pella is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors, with an award winning history of innovation.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from personalized training and an experienced support team.

Proven Success

The Pella Direct Sales Network has been a winning strategy for over 80 years.

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"I took a look at what the negatives might be, and I offset them with a great brand, great product, never having to worry about research and development, never worrying about manufacturing ...

... you can have a great relationship with Pella and make money and have a lot of fun."

Greg Boulay - PDSN Distributor - Omaha / Lincoln

Small PDSN Size

Projected Sales: < 15M

Return on Sales: < 1.5M

Purchase Price Range: < 5M

Medium PDSN Size

Projected Sales: 15 – 30M

Return on Sales: 750K – 3M*

Purchase Price Range: 1 – 15M

Large PDSN Size

Projected Sales: > 30M

Return on Sales: > 1.5M

Purchase Price Range: > 15M

What is a PDSN?

The Pella Direct Sales Network (PDSN) is key to growing the footprint of success. Distributors are located throughout the United States and Canada.

Customer Types
As an individual owner/operator you will serve three unique customer segments – End Consumers (Retail), Contractors (Trade), and Architects and General Contractors (Commercial).

We're better together. Pella Corporation plays an important role in the success of PDSN distributors by offering consultations and the tools necessary for operational efficiencies – centralized marketing programs, incentive and cost sharing programs, IT and server support, service calls and scheduling, accounts receivable, employee training and much more.

Are You the Ideal Candidate?

Professional Experience

  • Proven General Management experience running a profitable and growing business; overseeing and managing the sales, administrative, warehousing, delivery and service functions
  • Adept at hiring, developing and retaining talent
  • Financial acumen, prior P&L responsibility and demonstrated success

Personal Characteristics

  • Customer-focused
  • Long-term commitment to personally own and actively manage
  • Dedicated focus to this PDSN

Additional Items

  • Adequate initial capitalization of the business and the ability to undertake continued reinvestment in support of Pella Corporation's initiatives to grow the business


Start by applying to become a Pella Distributor.

The Process


Complete the online application and predictive index.

In-Depth Evaluation

Hold a phone interview and take the Talent and Assessment survey.


Visit our corporate headquarters in Pella, Iowa, and interview with our Sales Leadership team.

Financial Review

A review of owner financials and/or that of additional investors. Purchase options include:

  • Self-funding commercial lending
  • Approved minority partners
  • Corporate assistance (may be available, specific to each purchase)


From day one, Pella has always been about more than just building and selling a window. It's about earning the trust of partners and inspiring their vision, their dedication to craftsmanship and a pledge of service excellence. Become a part of what makes Pella – Pella.


Training and transition support to help set you up for success.

See if You Have What it Takes. Become a PDSN Distributor.

Preferred Region (NE, SE, Central, NW, SW)

Please check regions you would be interested in. Please note, not all regions have availability. Specific markets will not be shared until completion of the approval process.

Preferred Region

When you click submit, a new window will open to continue the process.


Pella products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

Learn more about Pella warranties