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new york city grand central station new york on mute

New York on Mute

See how we used Pella® Lifestyle Series windows to mute the noisiest city in America.

Noise Pollution is Harmful to Your Health

Is outside noise from traffic, construction or people keeping you up at night?

At the first-of-its-kind pop-up home in the heart of Grand Central Terminal, Pella is taking on the classic sounds of New York. We are measuring how much noise our sound-reducing Pella Lifestyle Series windows can keep out.

97% of the U.S. population is exposed to harmful levels of noise.50

9 of 10 adults in New York are exposed to noise levels that exceed the EPA's limit.51

Interior Design Can Fight Noise, Too

Here are three tips from celebrity interior designer and HGTV host, Sabrina Soto, on how to design your home's interior to fight noise pollution outside your home.

What's Your Biggest Noise Complaint?

Noise isn't just a problem in New York. We polled homeowners across the country and asked them to share their biggest noise complaints. Here are the most common:

Barking Dogs


Garbage Trucks


Lawn Mowers


Noise-Reducing Windows for a Healthier Home

Pella Lifestyle Series products help keep the good noise in and the bad noise out. They are the #1 performing wood window and patio door for the combination of energy, sound and value.44 And offer performance options that reduce 52% more sound48 and are on average 79% more energy efficient45 than single-pane windows.

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71% more energy efficient45 + 34% noise reduction.46 Improved energy efficiency and sound performance.

Sound Control

52% noise reduction.46 Exceptional noise control for a quieter home.

Energy Efficiency

83% more energy efficient.45 Superior energy efficiency for a more comfortable home.

Ultimate Performance

79% more energy efficient45 + 52% noise reduction46The best combination of energy efficiency and noise control.

Find the Right Products for Your Home

Pella Lifestyle Series is designed to deliver exceptional performance and let you create unique solutions for your home. Packed with 37 time-tested innovations like integrated blinds, shades and security sensors, we designed windows and patio doors to work for your life, room by room.


Pella products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

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