What is Performance?

Learn what it means and why it matters.

Windows and doors play an important role in the energy efficiency and sound performance of your home. Our products are engineered to do more than just keep the elements out, they help keep your home quieter and more comfortable.

What Impacts Performance

Everything from the glass to the frame and what's in between impacts energy efficiency and sound performance. Explore them all below.

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The Basics

When we say a window or door performs well, we're talking about both energy efficiency and sound control. Dive deeper into each component below.

Energy Efficiency

How comfortable is your home?

At Pella, we've optimized the frame, sash and amount of space between the glass to achieve exceptional performance. We use harmless argon gas between the glass to act like a blanket and reduce heat transfer. Additionally, we can apply virtually invisible coatings to enhance the glass for your specific climate.
Pella Lifestyle Series has an option that is on average 83% more energy efficient than single-pane windows.44
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Sound Control

How well can you hear outside noises?

Whether it's traffic, barking dogs or noises keeping you up at night, your windows and doors can help block these sounds. Additional panes of glass paired with varying glass thicknesses improve sound performance. Multiple thicknesses of glass help disrupt sound waves at different frequencies.
Pella Lifestyle Series has available performance options that reduce 52% more sound than single-pane windows.45

Glass Options

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Number of panes and coatings

There are several aspects of glass that influence performance including the number of panes and their coating. Energy-efficient windows use two or three panes of glass to increase the insulating space between them. A virtually invisible Low-E coating is applied to the glass to help reflect heat and keep your home comfortable. Coatings are also used on different types of glass to optimize them for various locations.

Material Types

No matter which material you select, Pella products have been engineered to perform. Wood, fiberglass and vinyl each have their unique attributes and distinctive styles. Explore the energy efficiency of each material below.

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Our wood products are exceptionally durable and are backed by the best limited lifetime warranty for wood windows and patio doors.47 Wood is a natural insulator that keeps your home more comfortable and insulates 1,750 times better than aluminum.

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Made of the strongest, most durable material for windows and patio doors, Pella® Impervia® windows are designed to withstand extreme heat and cold, and the rigorous performance requirements of a commercial building.43

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Our vinyl windows and patio doors are engineered with air chambers inside the sash and frame reduce heat loss and sound transmission to keep your home quieter and more comfortable year-round.

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Tested to Last

Our product designs are tested to extremes, so you can trust them to perform. Doors are opened and closed 100,000 times, and double-hung and casement windows are tested at least 6,000 times.

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Above and Beyond

Quality is at the heart of what we do.

That's why we test our products to help ensure our designs will withstand the test of time. We tried to count the number of quality checks that we do in a typical hour, but we had to stop at 7,502 to get back to work.

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Air, water and structural testing

A specially designed chamber tests for air, water and structural performance. There is a separate set of conditions for the three tests and the testing simulates positive and negative wind loads.


Thermal testing of glass

An infrared camera visually shows the efficiency of our glass. We compare dual-pane glass with no coatings or argon gas to dual-pane glass with Low-E coating and argon gas.


Insulated glass testing

To test how sealants perform, glass is placed in a chamber at 140 degrees Fahrenheit with 100% humidity. It is then moved to another chamber, that simulates ultraviolet radiation, and back again.

Personalized for You and Your Home

Features and Options

Innovative, performance solutions.

Whether your climate is extremely hot or cold, Pella has innovative features and options to meet your unique needs. Choose from performance solutions, glass options and integrated blinds and shades for maximum comfort.




A Sound Control performance package with varying glass thicknesses helps ensure that a lawnmower and the neighbor's barking dog doesn't wake you.


Living Room

Keep your living room more comfortable year-round with energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® certifications in all 50 states.10



Between-the-glass blinds and shades are protected from dust, damage and little hands while adding security, privacy and energy efficiency.



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