Tailor-Made for You

Find out how Pella® windows and doors are made specifically for your home.

Discover how full-service window and door replacement by Pella can help.

When you choose a Pella® door or window, you aren't just picking a stock item off a shelf. Most of our products are custom made to fit your home's exact specifications.

Built Just For You

We build according to precise measurements, your style preference, hardware choices, color and much more. Here's how a custom wood window is created.

Selecting Raw Wood

We build most of our products from Ponderosa and Sugar Pine. These wood species are easy to work with yet extremely durable. Mahogany, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak and Douglas Fir are also available.

tailor made for you raw wood

Making the First Cuts

Our chop saw operators scrutinize each piece of wood to ensure only the best material is used. It's not unusual for each one to make more than 250,000 chopping decisions each day.

tailor made for you cutting wood

Assembling the Window Frame

Exact measurements are critical. Our professionals gather precise dimensions of each window frame to create windows that fit and perform to our high standards.

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tailor made for you assembling the window frame

Installing the Glass

Glass is installed meticulously for a seamless fit. Pella window glass features the latest in technology like argon gas insulation and layers of coating that protect window treatments from fading.

tailor made for you installing the glass

Applying Grilles

Our optional standard or custom simulated-divided-light grilles create the look of individual panes. Pella's wide range of profiles is cut individually, and hand applied by our most experienced craftsmen. Pella's wood craftsmen have been honing their skills, on average, for over 14 years – that's longer than it takes for most to earn their PhD.

tailor made for you applying grilles

Inserting the Window Sash

It takes precise maneuvering to bring sash and frame together. Pella designs undergo rigorous performance testing to help ensure they function properly.

tailor made for you inserting window sash

Adding Jamb Extensions

Customized jamb extentions ensure your window fits its opening exactly. They can be applied at our factory and come in all of our paints and stains for a finished look.

tailor made for you adding jamb extensions

Packing for Protection

We conduct tests that simulate what our products go through on the road. The Pella packaging system is made of materials specially engineered to protect your investment from the hard knocks of travel.

tailor made for you packing for protection

Loading for Delivery

Our team receives special training on the proper loading of products. Whether we're delivering a large window weighing hundreds of pounds or a padded envelope, your investment is secured for transport according to a meticulous strategy.

tailor made for you loading for delivery

Bring Your Vision to Life with Pella

Every home is unique. That's why Pella builds products tailor-made for your home and offers more than seven octillion (that's a seven with 27 zeroes) custom combinations of doors and windows. Whether it's a more secure front door or all new windows for your home, we're committed to building products that bring your vision to life.

Create a space you'll enjoy with Pella.

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