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How to Help Your Homeowners Maximize Curb Appeal

Any contractor or builder knows that the more value you can bring to your customer, the better the relationship and project returns will be. It’s not just about providing quality home solutions to customers — it’s about providing expertise and helping boost home equity. So how can you help your customers create an even more valuable dream home?

In a recent report by Remodeling Magazine, seven of the top 10 value-yielding projects were exterior projects. That’s right — not a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, but an outdoor project. In other words, creating coveted curb appeal may offer a higher return on investment than a homeowner would think.

Improving Curb Appeal Is Simple

If the heart of a home’s interior is the kitchen, then the heart of a home’s exterior is the entry door. The right entry door not only has the power to enhance curb appeal, but also offers a way for homeowners to express their unique personality. Help your customers select the right entry door, and you’ll positively impact their home equity while making them feel more at home.

Making the Right Product Choice

One of the most important decisions to make when selecting an entry door is material. From aesthetics and price, to durability and safety, a door’s material affects a variety of things. Fiberglass is a durable, low-maintenance choice, especially for humid climates, because it resists warping in the summer or becoming brittle during winter.

In many climates, wood doors are a great option for those looking to add distinctive style to the home. “The unique part about having a real wood door is that it’s a door made of organic and natural material,” says Pella Corporation Product Specialist Alicia Snyder. “And the customization options are quite extensive.”

Making a Statement

Choosing the right door material is a great place to start, but style and color decisions are just as essential. You want to be able to help owners pick a door that gives them the most bang for their buck while turning heads. An easy way to accomplish this is to pull inspiration from one of the biggest curb appeal trends happening right now: bright and bold, painted entry doors.

According to internationally recognized color expert Kate Smith, people are choosing vibrant colors that reflect a sense of community and culture. In response to this trend, Pella has launched the Vibrancy Collection, exclusively for entry doors. Six new color options are available in the collection as a prefinish option: Vivacious Red, Lively Blue, Sparkling Teal, Spirited Orange, Animated Yellow, and Energetic Green.

“You never know what’s coming next with entry doors,” says Snyder. “Mixed materials, texturing and finishing are becoming other ways to differentiate. And as color trends continue to morph, we are keeping up with them and with what the finishing experts have to say.”

Additional Benefits

Installing a new entry door isn’t just about improving aesthetics and increasing home value. There are other benefits, too. A quality entry door can improve a home’s energy efficiency, helping to lower heating and cooling costs. So the next time a customer asks how they can easily improve the value of their home, teach them a little bit about entry doors — you’ll both earn points in the first-impression department.

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