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"We see sales spike immediately after the summit"

This Contractor’s Secret Weapon: The Pella Platinum Contractor Summit

See the difference this Pella program made for his business.

To seasoned contractor Brian LaPelusa, the Pella Platinum Contractor Summit is invaluable. “The ability to sit down with Pella Platinum Certified contractors in other markets and just talk about business. What’s working, what’s not, finding new ways to be more efficient – those different perspectives give you a huge edge in your own market.”

The summit is a yearly retreat for Pella Certified Contractors® with one simple goal – boosting business. Presentations from industry experts and consultants are part of the seminar, as are breakout sessions with contractors from across the country. It’s a whole day of learning, sharing and growing that sends contractors away knowing how to improve their business.

LaPelusa has yet to miss a Platinum Contractor Summit. A Pella Certified Contractor since 2012, the owner of LaPelusa Home Improvement, Inc. has been a huge proponent of the program and its benefits – the summit being one of them.

“We see sales spike immediately after the summit,” said LaPelusa. “Sometimes, I’ll get so excited to implement a new tool or strategy – something we learned at the summit that day – that I’ll call back to our office and have them start looking into it right away,” he continued.

The event has kept LaPelusa’s business growing by staying ahead of trends in the Chicago area. In one seminar, the speaker talked about how converting all documentation and payments from physical to digital changed his business. LaPelusa was quick to adapt the same strategy.

“It sounds simple, but going digital really evolved how we do business. Everyone tells us how much easier working with us has gotten.”

Resources for finding skilled labor was another revelation picked up from the summit, but this time, it came in a casual conversation between seminars. “We got to talking about how hard it is to find good help, and he told me about this website he was using. Now, it’s where almost all of my successful hires come from.”

The Platinum Contractor Summit is just one of the many reasons LaPelusa is a Pella Certified Contractor. “Our sales volume grew exponentially, year after year, by huge volumes,” LaPelusa said of joining the program.

“We were branded with the power of differentiation with a major global manufacturer. To homeowners, we are one of Pella’s best, and that made a difference.”

As a Pella Certified Contractor, LaPelusa was also introduced to several programs and tools that drastically changed his business. “Suddenly, financing wasn’t such an issue. It allowed us to take on bigger and bigger projects.”

“Working with Pella, you just get such a different feel than from other suppliers. They really care about your success and actually ask how they can help your business. Whether it’s the summit or price breaks through the Pella Contractor Program, the value you get from working with Pella is incredible,” concluded LaPelusa.

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