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Wirtz building Horizontal view.

Wirtz Office Building


Professional Installation Corporation


Chicago, IL

Materials Used:

Wirtz Office Building

With 35 stories full of windows needing replacement, Chicago's Wirtz Building was a perfect candidate for Pella subframe installations. The standard subframe system consisted of aluminum components that were preassembled and installed into the openings, concealing the existing wood window frames, to become "receptors" for the new windows. Since the system allowed installation of the new windows from inside the building, it eliminated the need for exterior scaffolding, thus reducing installation labor costs and minimizing disturbance to the existing construction. Pella's installation systems allowed for reduced labor costs and minimal disturbance to the existing construction.

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Subframe installation system

A subframe installation system minimized disruption to the existing wall and allowed the windows to be installed from inside the building.

Designer Series® Double-Hung windows

The owner chose Pella Designer Series double-hung windows to replace existing windows that were in disrepair.
NOTE: Designer Series® products are no longer offered. Explore Pella® Lifestyle Series for similar products and more.

Between-the-glass blinds

Due to maintenance and safety concerns, tilt-only blinds between the glass were chosen to provide light control and privacy to the offices, while also protecting the window treatments from dust and damage.

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