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Style-Forward Trends Your Clients Will Love

Homeowners rely on builders & contractors to suggest unique looks for their homes. Check out three wood windows and doors trends you can recommend.

Staying on top of current trends can pay off big with your clients and do wonders for your reputation. After all, homeowners rely on builders, contractors and remodelers to provide recommendations to personalize their homes, fitting unique needs and styles. Check out these three increasingly popular trends you can achieve with Pella® Lifestyle Series wood windows and doors — and give your customers the homes they desire.

Scandinavian Mainstream

More homeowners are looking for ways to add sophisticated comfort to their homes, creating an opportunity for you to offer the benefits of Scandinavian Mainstream design. Its principles encourage palettes inspired by nature and simple forms that complement clean lines and functional furnishings for flexible, clutter-free spaces. Try suggesting the look of natural woods like oak, mahogany, birch and ash for a tasteful contrast that brings harmony to neutral walls, textural furnishing and soft lighting.

Pella Lifestyle Series wood casement, awning and fixed windows help Scandinavian-inspired customers meet their perfect match with the right style tones and textures, clean lines, and natural woods to yield elegance without ornamentation.

Modern Traditional

Homeowners are finding a deeper appreciation for traditional design aesthetics and principles — including the return of the dining room. Spending more time at home brings a need for timeless style: casual, unfussy designs with subtle incorporation of classic touches such as patterns, plaids and florals all work to complement organic shapes in hardware, lampshades and fixtures. The natural finishes of light woods, matched with the intricacies of monocolor paneling or peg-and-groove joinery, add visual interest to any room and allow for a mix of refurbished and modern furniture to feel right at home.

If your clients are looking to capture that traditional feeling with the ease of modern functionality, look no further than the Pella Lifestyle Series. These windows and patio doors are made of wood and offer a multitude of options to offer the right visual appeal. They're the #1 performing wood window and patio door for the combination of energy, sound and value.44

Cottage Core

Staying indoors has encouraged a desire to return to nature, simplicity and a slower pace of life. The comforts of a cabin — the access to nature, the privacy and true standards of cozy kitsch, like handmade quilts, rattan furniture, and wallpaper — allow homeowners to showcase their eclecticism, collections and personal touches that respect past and present. Expect to see a resurgence of soft, whimsical colors complemented by warm creams, layered textures and natural furniture with handmade attention to detail.

Maybe your clients are looking to build their actual cottage getaway. Maybe they’re looking to bring a touch of country simplicity to their remodel. Either way, Pella Lifestyle Series windows offer the right solutions and modern features to help make their dreams a reality — without sacrificing style or comfort.

Color Material Finish

For those diving a little deeper than high-level trends, here’s the scoop on colors, materials and finishes. Matte metals and satin finishes will continue to be a dominant look, with brass, black and white remaining time-tested and true. Homeowners wanting to maintain safety without sacrificing aesthetic will trend toward finishes with antimicrobial properties, like copper and coated stainless steel.

More mainstream trends are warming up. Homeowners this year are excited by traditional neutrals — like linen, sand, cream and gray — along with tried-and-true blues — like Pella's blue ash, cobalt and navy — and natural greens — like sage, emerald and teal. For colorful contrast, lean into pops of yellow and orange along with a range of reds, from blush to terracotta.

Matte reigns supreme across materials, including natural woods with clear, low-gloss finishes that highlight notable grains in pine, oak, birch and ash. Marble remains a classic mainstay, but keep in mind that modern homeowners are often primed for new takes on classic materials, like using uniform material throughout an entire room or mixing and matching across multiple genres. Also, prepare for conversations with design-savvy customers making choices on material selection related to more sustainable or recyclable materials and be ready with answers.

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