Window Installation That Fits

Even the best-performing window is as good as its installation. Let us help you find the right partner for your project.

How Window Installation Works
The importance of proper window installation.

To truly get the benefits you expect from your project – like improved comfort, energy savings, peace and quiet, and security – you’ll need to find an experienced window installer.

Who you choose to install your windows and doors is an important consideration, because even the best products will only perform as well as they’re installed.

The goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident during the installation process.

Here are some choices to consider.

If you’re a skilled DIYer, you could install your windows and doors yourself, based on your experience and comfort level in tackling similar home improvement projects.

You’ll want to make sure you have the time and tools available for installation.

If you’re not sure whether you can complete the project alone, stores like Lowe’s offer installation by independent contractors for the windows and doors you buy there.

Another option is to hire an independent replacement contractor.

A few things to consider when choosing a contractor include their experience level with window replacement projects similar to yours, company reputation and Pella installation training.

Don’t have a trusted contractor? Pella Certified Contractors are an elite group of independent remodeling professionals, certified and selected by Pella.

They’re trusted by homeowners like you to provide the customer service and craftsmanship that will meet the standards of an industry leader.

Installation by Pella Expert Installers is available exclusively through your local Pella showroom.

These courteous and meticulous professionals are re-certified annually and lead a team of installers who leave your home cleaner than when they arrived — and will likely finish your project in as little as a day.

Plus, they back their work for up to 10 years with an installation warranty and service agreement.

The right installer effects the investment you’ve made in your beautiful new windows and doors, and helps ensure you’ll have a view you love for years.

4 window installation options.

There are a number of ways to find an installer that can bring your beautiful new view to life. If you have experience working on other home improvement projects, your installer could be you.

Go with the manufacturer’s installers if you choose a window manufacturer’s professionals, you’ll benefit from having a team of expert installers who have been professionally certified to install their own brand of windows.

Hire an independent contractor. A good contractor’s business will be based largely on recommendations from other customers. Choose one that has been trained and certified to install your specific brand of windows.

Work with your local home improvement store. Most local and national home improvement stores partner with subcontractors to install replacement windows. With any contractor you use, make sure you ask these 8 important questions.

Do It Yourself. If you’re an experienced DIYer and confident you can handle the job on your own, make sure to research all of the steps and purchase all of the necessary window installation tools and materials.

2 window installation methods.

Pocket installation: Only the sash of the old window (the part that holds the glass) is removed. The new window slides neatly into the existing frame. Installation can typically be completed in about an hour per window. With pocket replacement, you're limited to the size of the existing opening.

Full-frame installation: The entire window is removed, including the frame and trim. The new window is installed in a new frame, along with new insulation and trim. This method provides greater design flexibility because the size and shape of the opening can be changed to accommodate an entirely new style of window. Full-frame replacement is more time- and labor-intensive and requires work both inside and outside the home.

What to Expect on Installation Day
Taking the mystery out of the window installation process.

You’re making a big investment in your home, so you have the right to expect a high level of service from your window installers. The most experienced professionals will do the following on installation day to make the process easy for you:

  • Review the window installation plan with you.
  • Cover their work area with drop cloths to help protect your space.
  • Carefully remove your old windows.
  • Contain their work space so there’s little to no disruption to your home.
  • Finish your window with interior/exterior trim, and add the necessary hardware.
  • Keep you updated on the status throughout the day.
  • Clean up after themselves, leaving work area cleaner than when they arrived.
  • Haul away your old windows.

No-Mess, No-Guess Installation Day

Upgrade your home with Pella

  • Careful Preparation
  • Expert Installation
  • Thoughtful Cleanup

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How to Prepare for a Window Installation

Before your installers arrive, there are a few basic things you should do to get your home ready.

Move any furniture and decorations away from the window being replaced. Most professionals are used to working around home furnishings, but it never hurts to give them more space.

If you have young children or pets, make arrangements to keep them in a safe place away from the work area.

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