Remodeling That Adds Value

Updated doors and windows enhance curb appeal and so much more.

Remodeling projects can be a great way to make your home more attractive and enjoyable while you’re living in it. However, what if you’re considering selling your home, now or in the near future? In that case, you may want to prioritize home-refreshing projects that will make your home look better to potential buyers – and eventually help boost its sales price.

You may get your best return on investment (ROI) with home projects that improve your home’s curb appeal. After all, first impressions matter! And if you choose your updates wisely, you may also enjoy immediate benefits like lower heating/cooling costs, better noise protection and a house that welcomes you home every time you pull into your driveway.

Here are some quick and simple remodeling options that make financial sense both now and when you sell your home:

  • Add a new front entry door: A high-quality exterior door in an up-to-date design can really make your home stand out from the crowd. Choose a door that matches the style and age of your home. And don’t be afraid to pick a bright color like fire-engine red (realtors say this color helps homes sell fastest) or robin’s egg blue. Highlight your new door with entry flowers or other plants in complementary colors.
  • Replace windows: Quality windows are aesthetically pleasing and show buyers that your home is well-cared-for, down to the smallest details. Replacement windows can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by blocking out the cold, wind and heat. 
  • Updated windows are also a great return on investment: According to the National Association of Realtors’ “2017 Remodeling Impact Report,” wood replacement windows have a 57% median return-on-project-cost at resale. Quality vinyl replacement windows, on average, earn a 79% median cost return when a house is sold. Learn more about window replacement cost.
  • Update your patio door: A smooth-sliding, well-insulated patio door is another signal to buyers that you take great care of your home. It also gives your family – and visitors – a great view of your lovely deck or garden. It’s the perfect connection between indoors and out.
  • Add a new garage door: Let’s face it – for many homes, the garage door is one of the most prominent parts of the building’s facade. A new garage door (usually crafted of steel, aluminum, wood clad or vinyl) can easily be customized to enhance your home’s architecture. They can also help insulate your space against the elements.

Whichever remodeling updates you choose, always keep your costs in mind. If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, consider the cost of the project and what you could expect to recoup in your home’s sale price.

Another tip: Always consider the quality and warranties that accompany products like doors and windows. New homebuyers appreciate knowing that big-ticket items like these won’t have to be replaced anytime soon. And that fact could mean you’ll see a “sold” sign in your lawn faster than you ever expected!

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