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Finding Your Dream Window or Door
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We get it – buying new windows and doors isn't something you do every day. So if this is your first time, you've come to the right place. We'll help guide you through the window and door buying process so you can make a decision you'll feel great about.  Let's get started.

The right windows and doors can transform spaces in your home and moments in your life.

But shopping for windows and doors isn’t something people do every day.

Whether this is your first replacement project or you’ve done this before, here are some things to keep in mind as you start the shopping process.

Inspiration is everywhere — you just need to know where to look.

Sites like Houzz and Pinterest are filled with beautiful photos from homeowners, designers and manufacturers.

Collect photos of rooms that reflect your personal taste.

Also — friends, family and neighbors may be a source of inspiration and advice.

“It was easy, and now it’s made the house so comfortable…”

Visit a home improvement store, a window and door showroom, or a local home show to see and operate various window and door styles to help narrow down your choices.

Replacing windows and doors is an investment that can pay back over time.

Like lowering your heating and cooling costs and increasing your home’s safety and security.

New windows and doors can also increase the value and curb appeal of your home, decrease outside noise and make cleaning easier.

Prioritizing the benefits you value most can help steer you toward the right window or door for your home.

Once you’ve gathered information, it’s time to talk to an expert.

"I have a lot of things to show you today. Things I think you’re really going to love…"

Whether you do it yourself, hire a contractor or work directly with the manufacturer, it’s important to get the information you need to get your questions answered and review the details necessary to get a more accurate price quote.

Shopping for the right window and door starts with finding the best options to fit your home, lifestyle and budget.

Once you know where to look, you can start creating a space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

5 simple steps to smart window and door shopping.

Whether you're looking for replacement windows or doors, remodeling a room, or building your dream home from the ground up, here are 5 steps to help guide you toward the best choice for your home projects:

  1. Gather inspiration. Visit sites like Houzz and Pinterest for photos, ideas and tips that can help inspire your next great space.
  2. Do your research. Stop by a home improvement store, a window and door manufacturer's showroom or a home show to see the different window styles and door styles up close.
  3. Set a budget. Home projects are an investment. Prioritizing the features and options that matter most to you can help narrow your search for the windows and doors that suit your budget.
  4. Work with an expert. Regardless of whether you'll do the job on your own, it helps to talk with a home improvement store rep, independent contractor or manufacturer's installer.
  5. Enjoy the view. New windows and doors are one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. So stop and appreciate the new views, energy efficiency and comforts they bring.

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7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows
Your old windows might be telling you something.

Look for these common signs to help you determine if replacing your windows and doors should be the next home improvement project on your list:

  1. Opening or closing the window has become difficult.
  2. Drafts can be felt coming in around the window.
  3. There’s condensation or fogging on or between the glass panes.
  4. There’s chipping, deterioration or water stains on or around the window.
  5. The style is outdated and doesn’t blend well with the rest of the home.
  6. Cleaning has become a major hassle.
  7. Replacement parts are hard to find or have been discontinued.

Whether you’re replacing windows or doors, remodeling a room, or building your dream home from the ground up, Pella is here to help.

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