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Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass Awning Window


Pella Impervia fiberglass awning windows are made from the strongest material for windows, engineered for lasting durability.61 Awning windows are hinged at the top and vent open from the bottom. Our revolutionary Easy-Slide Operator allows you to open and close your windows by sliding the operator side to side, without a crank. The simple, revolutionary design means you’ll never have to endure a window crank again. With a timeless design and simple features and options, Pella Impervia awning windows complement any style of home.

Impervia Awning Window Features

Why Fiberglass?

  • Superior strength with our proprietary fiberglass material61
  • Rot- and corrosion-free
  • Tested for the extremes and suitable for all climates
  • Heavy-duty powder-coat finish, including Black


  • Optional triple-pane glass and insulating foam for increased energy efficiency
  • Corner locks, metal fasteners and injected sealant for added strength, durability and reliable water performance
  • Patent-pending Easy-Slide Operator hardware, designed for inclusivity and winner of the 2021 IBS Best in Show award
  • Matching fixed and operable styles available for larger window combinations

Pella Impervia

Get windows ready to handle virtually anything life throws at them. Pella Impervia products are made from our proprietary fiberglass, the strongest material for windows.61

Pella’s exclusive fiberglass will never rot or corrode and resists dents, bends and breaks — and the list goes on. With a tough-as-nails powder-coat finish, your windows will never need to be painted or refinished.

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Inside Pella Fiberglass

Pella Impervia windows are created from our exclusive fiberglass formula. A structural mat places rovings in a specific, intricate order to meet our high strength standards. Additional layers of strategically placed rovings are added, then the materials are pulled through a machine, injected with polymer resin and heated. It creates an entirely new, thermoset material which won't break down when exposed to the elements or lose its shape in extreme heat — unlike other materials.

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The Pella Difference

We do more than just create windows and doors. We test beyond industry requirements and innovate continuously to make beautifully designed products that you can be proud to own.

For the Pros

Pella Impervia Awning Window Specs & Install Details

  • Delivering unmatched strength and lasting durability with proven performance and sleek style
  • Tested from -40ºF to 180ºF to endure extreme weather conditions
  • Operable awning windows available in sizes up to 59-1/2” x 59-1/2”
  • Fixed awning windows available in sizes up to 71-1/2” x 79-1/2”
  • Performance class and grade LC50
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Awards and Certifications

Options for Pella Impervia Awning Windows

Choosing Your Window


Make a design statement with window combinations. Additional combinations are available. See your Pella sales representative for the complete offering.

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Combination Design Considerations
  • Factory-mulled combinations help save you time on the jobsite. The superior strength of Pella’s fiberglass allows you to combine standard and special-sized windows together to create larger, unique combinations, made just for your remodel or new construction project.
  • Integral mullion, tight mullion, 1/2” structural mullion or 1” structural mullion with additional steel reinforcements.
  • Residential and light commercial solutions that meet design pressure requirements up to DP50.
  • Meet or exceed structural framing requirements of the International Building Code section 2403.3.
  • Solutions available based on project classification, including structural framing requirements.

Frame Finishes

Pella Impervia fiberglass products have a long-lasting factory powder-coat finish in your choice of three colors. Learn more about interior finishes.


For Pros

  • Pella Impervia products are made from our proprietary fiberglass material, the strongest material for windows, engineered for lasting durability.61
  • Our long-lasting powder-coat finish meets AAMA 624, which is a highly-rated fiberglass coating.
  • Exclusive thermoset material won't expand, warp or sag in summer heat, or shrink and turn brittle in harsh winter conditions.

Styling Your Window


The Easy-Slide Operator is a revolutionary way to operate your casement and awning windows. Simply slide to open and close, without the effort of cranking. Or select the fold-away crank, that folds away neatly against the window frame. Both solutions allow roomside window treatments to hang neatly in your room.


Grille Patterns

Grilles give the appearance of individual window panes. Pella offers many grille patterns to help enhance your home's architectural style.


Grille Profiles

Grilles-between-the-glass create the classic look of individual windowpanes. Learn more about grille profiles.

3/4" Grilles-Between-the-Glass

Window Enhancements


Flat Screens

Conventional fiberglass screens come standard.

Pella InView™ screens let in 14% more light and are 8% more open for improved airflow compared to conventional fiberglass screens.5

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Pella products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

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