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Pella® 250 Series Vinyl Double-Hung Window


Double-hung windows have two moving sashes to provide ventilation. When you choose Pella 250 Series, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a window that is safe and secure. And with the most popular features and options, Pella 250 Series double-hung windows can be a great addition for your home.

Pella 250 Series Double-Hung Window Features

Why Vinyl?

  • Low-maintenance
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Popular styles and options
  • Pella's exclusive vinyl formula
  • Quality craftsmanship backed by Pella

Performance Enhancement

  • Exclusive weather-repel systems
  • Optional AutoLock hardware
  • Dual- and triple-pane glass options

Pella 250 Series

Pella 250 Series products offer innovative and enhanced security and privacy features for more peace of mind. Our exclusive vinyl formula is performance tested for excellent weathering, durability and color retention.
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Inside Pella 250 Series

Our exclusive weather-repel system helps protect your home from drafts and leaks. It has three points of protection to channel water away from the home — including triple weatherstripping.

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The Pella Difference

We do more than just create windows and doors. We test beyond industry requirements and innovate continuously to make beautifully designed products that you can be proud to own.

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Pella 250 Series Double-Hung Window Specs & Install Details

  • Increase energy performance and structural strength with optional performance enhancements such as foam insulation and steel reinforcement
  • Performance class and grade R20-R50 and STC of 26 for dual pane windows and 28 for triple-pane windows
  • Available in sizes from 14-1/2" x 23-1/2” to 53-1/2” x 78”
  • Pella craftsmanship in a great-looking vinyl window that’s stronger and more energy efficient than ordinary vinyl
  • Installation options include Block Frame, Integral Fin, Fin with J-Channel20, Flush Flange19, 5/8” Flange Frame20

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Options for Pella 250 Series Double-Hung Windows

Choosing Your Window


Join a window together with other windows to add character to your home’s design. Additional combinations are available. See your Pella sales representative for the complete offering.

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Sash Splits

Three types of sash splits are available:

  • Traditional – the most historically correct look.
  • Contemporary – provides the appearance of a fixed window over an awning window, but at a lower cost.
  • Cottage – provides the appearance of an awning window over a fixed window, more cost-effectively.
traditional sash split for double-hung special shape window

Traditional Sash Split

double-hung sash split contemporary

Contemporary Sash Split

cottage sash split for double-hung special shape window

Cottage Sash Split

Frame Color

Pella 250 Series windows have easy-care vinyl frames in your choice of three solid-color frame options or dual-color frames featuring a White interiors and three exterior colors.


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Glass and Frame
  • Windows with triple-pane glass are 54% – 77% more energy-efficient than single-pane windows.12
  • Less visible sash corner seams – typical vinyl has build up.
  • Full frame profile with edge detailing.
  • Our precision welding process helps prevent warping and twisting over time like ordinary vinyl can – helping eliminate "vinyl smile".
  • Reinforced window frames are 52% stronger than ordinary vinyl.13
  • Multichambered, fully welded sash and frame improve strength and thermal performance and reduce sound transmission.
  • Products are tested in state-of-the-art facilities.

Styling Your Window


Pella's cam-action lock and AutoLock hardware styles are available in your matched color finishes.


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Sash Locks and Lifts - Optional AutoLock automatically locks window when it is shut.

Cam-Action Locks - Pella standard cam-action locks are designed to increase leverage as the window is closed to assure a superior weathertight seal. Two sash locks are standard on larger double-hung windows.

Integrated Sash Lift (Standard) - Makes raising and lowering window sashes easier.

Easy Wash - Sash tilts inward allowing exterior glass to be cleaned from inside, making cleaning easier.

Standard Vent Stop and Window Opening Control Device - TrueGlide Plus balance system. Two standard vent stops located on the top sash of each unit. Optional Window Opening Control Device (ASTM F2090 Compliant) in exchange with standard vent stop.

    integrated sash lift for 350 double-hung windows

    Sash Lift

    Easy Wash feature on 350 double-hung

    Easy Wash

    standard vent stop

    Standard Vent Stop

    window opening control device image


    Grille Patterns

    Grilles give the appearance of individual window panes. Pella offers many grille patterns to help enhance your home's architectural style.


    3/4" Grilles-Between-the-Glass

    For Pros

    Grille Styles


    • Permanent aluminum grilles are factory-installed between the panes of glass.
    • Color matches frame.
    • Multiple grille patterns available.
    • Available in 3/4" and 5/8" flat grilles.

    Window Enhancements

    Universal Security Sensors

    Stay connected to your windows.

    Preserve beauty, add comfort and enhance home security with optional Pella Insynctive® technology.

    Protect what matters most. Monitor windows with time-tested wireless technology while at home or away with the Pella Insynctive App.40 Learn more about Insynctive.

    insynctive app in hand with status


    Window and door screens play an important role in your home's light, ventilation and view. Our conventional fiberglass screens allow in light and the breeze and are durable to stay looking great for years. Learn more about screens.


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    Pella products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

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