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Pella® 250 Series Vinyl Sliding Patio Door


Sliding patio doors feature one panel that slides horizontally to open and close. With an optional, integrated footbolt, Pella 250 Series sliding patio doors are our most secure patio door.49 Add a strong and durable patio door to your home with innovative and enhanced security and privacy features for more peace of mind.

250 Series Sliding Patio Door Features

Why Vinyl?

  • Low-maintenance
  • Exceptional energy-efficiency
  • Popular styles and options
  • Pella's exclusive vinyl formula
  • Quality craftsmanship backed by Pella

Performance Enhancements

  • Patent-pending integrated footbolt
  • Fade-resistant vinyl formula
  • Sound performance glass options

Pella 250 Series

Pella 250 Series products offer innovative and enhanced security and privacy features for more peace of mind. Our exclusive vinyl formula is performance tested for excellent weathering, durability and color retention.
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Pella 250 Series

Pella 250 Series sliding patio door with optional integrated flush footbolt is our most secure vinyl patio door.49 The patent-pending, innovative footbolt is flush with the frame, providing secondary venting and locking abilities without compromising beauty.


The Pella Difference

We do more than just create windows and doors. We test beyond industry requirements and innovate continuously to make beautifully designed products that you can be proud to own.

For the Pros

Pella 250 Series Sliding Patio Door Specs & Install Details

  • Solid- or dual-color frames resist yellowing and keep minor dings and scratches virtually invisible
  • Performance class and grade R25-R40 and STC of 29-32 for dual-pane patio doors and 29 for triple-pane patio doors
  • Available in sizes from 46-1/2" x 70-1/2” to 95-1/2” x 191-1/2”
  • Installation options include Block Frame, Integral Fin, Fin with J-Channel, Flush Flange19, 5/8” Flange Frame
  • Knockdown frame for easy installation
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Options for Pella 250 Series Sliding Patio Doors

Choosing Your Patio Door

Frame Color

Pella 250 Series vinyl products feature low-maintenance, easy-care vinyl frames. Choose from three solid-color frame options or dual-color frames featuring White interiors and three exterior colors.


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Glass and Frame
  • Windows with triple-pane glass are 54% – 77% more energy-efficient than single-pane windows.12
  • Less visible sash corner seams – typical vinyl has build up.
  • Full frame profile with edge detailing.
  • Our precision welding process helps prevent warping and twisting over time like ordinary vinyl can – helping eliminate "vinyl smile".
  • Reinforced window frames are 52% stronger than ordinary vinyl.13
  • Multichambered, fully welded sash and frame improve strength and thermal performance and reduce sound transmission.
  • Products are tested in state-of-the-art facilities.

Styling Your Patio Door


Pella's hardware styles are available in today's most popular finishes. Exterior hardware is color-matched to the frame and when you select a solid-color frame, the integrated flush footbolt is color-matched as well. Learn more about hardware.


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Optional Integrated Flush Footbolt - Flush with the frame, the patent-pending footbolt provides convenient secondary venting and locking abilities without compromising beauty. Pella 250 Series sliding patio doors with optional integrated footbolt our most secure vinyl patio doors.49 Open door slightly for natural ventilation while keep the door locked.

Keylock - An exterior keylock provides secure access. Configured "C-K" keyway pinlock cylinder on exterior. Key cylinder available in Chrome.

Easy to Operate - Adjustable ball-bearing rollers at the sill of the operable door panel ensure easy operation.

  • Standard option: two adjustable, sealed, electroplated steel with organic coating ball-bearing rollers set on stainless- steel track.
  • Seacoast option: two adjustable, corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel ball-bearing rollers set on stainless-steel track.

    close shot of a 250 series sliding patio door footbolt

    Grille Patterns

    Grilles give the appearance of individual window panes. Pella offers many grille patterns to help enhance your home's architectural style.

    No Grilles

    3/4" Grilles-Between-the-Glass

    For Pros

    Grille Styles


    • Permanent aluminum grilles are factory-installed between the panes of glass.
    • Color matches frame.
    • Multiple grille patterns available.
    • Available in 3/4" and 5/8" flat grilles.

    Patio Door Enhancements

    Between-the-Glass Blinds

    Sliding patio doors with built-in blinds stay protected from dust, damage and little hands so they don't need constant cleaning.


    For Pros

    Between-the-Glass Options

    Pella 250 Series sliding patio doors are available with blinds between-the-glass. Between-the-glass options are especially applicable in high-traffic areas where damage to roomside window treatments is more common. Blinds between-the-glass provide light control and stay protected from dust and damage. The addition of blinds-between-the-glass helps lower U-Factors and reduces solar heat gain.

    Universal Security Sensors

    Stay connected to your patio doors.

    Preserve beauty, add comfort and enhance home security with optional Pella Insynctive® technology.

    Protect what matters most. Monitor patio doors with time-tested wireless technology while at home or away with the Pella Insynctive App.40 Learn more about Insynctive

    insynctive app in hand with status

    Integrated Footbolt

    Pella 250 Series sliding patio door with optional, integrated flush footbolt is Pella's most secure vinyl patio door.49 Flush with the frame, it provides secondary venting and locking abilities without compromising on beauty.

    white integrated footbolt on a 250 series sliding patio door


    Window and door screens play an important role in your home's light, ventilation and view. Our conventional fiberglass screens allow in light and the breeze and are durable to stay looking great for years. Learn more about screens.


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    Pella products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business.

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