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How to Create an Instaworthy Office Space

Improve the flow and feel of your home office.

Whether you work from home full time or not, converting extra square footage or a room into a home office is a great way to maximize space and productivity. Once you have the space you want to design in mind, you can improve the flow and feel of your home office by updating windows and doors and following the inspiration provided here.

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Must Have Windows

To work from home like a boss, you need a combination of natural and artificial light. Balance cool and bright natural light from window sources with warm and soft artificial light from fixtures and lamps to give the space a vibrant and inviting vibe. Black window frames can also add stunning contrast, depending on what paint color you choose to use on your office walls.

Design tip: Consider facing your desk toward the window, which is more inspiring than facing the wall all day. Also, if your home office is a smaller space, consider white window frames and furniture to make the space appear bigger.

Double Duty Doors

The best home offices are as inspiring as they are functional. French double doors add instant light and luxury to interior spaces. If the space you are converting into an office is open concept, adding double doors can aid in privacy and sound elimination so you can work efficiently and effectively.

Consider an out-swing hinge so that when you enter the office, the movement goes into the office space. This way, when it’s time to stop working, the doors will lead you back into your home and create movement to the next thing the day has in store for you.

For more inspiration, check out our favorite home design Instagram accounts, and browse the #PellaInspired hashtag on Instagram.

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