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How to Master the Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Look

See why this trend is one of the latest design obsessions.

As one of the most loved and used rooms of any home, it’s worth investing in the aesthetics of your kitchen. Last fall, we gave you an in-depth look at the top trending kitchen styles, but today, we want to take you on a deep dive into the latest kitchen design obsession: two-toned kitchen cabinets.

Read on for inspiring looks that will convince you to rethink your ideal kitchen design and color scheme.

two toned kitchen cabinets white and natural wood

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Create Contrast with Natural Elements
A beautiful, contrasting cabinet look can be created without a single brushstroke of paint. Earthy, natural tones paired with cool whites and black window frames give a modern, clean aesthetic with plenty of contrast. The wood brings in a warmth to the cool modern juxtaposition of black and white. Leather chairs add texture while matching the tone of the wood and the matte black industrial light fixtures play up the modern black window frames. If you want a more sleek and modern look, glass and aluminum can help you accomplish that.

Whatever materials you choose, make sure they complement your window frame and trim style. For example, if you want to complement your modern window frame and trim style, choose materials that are sleek and on trend – i.e., dark wood, glass, and white or black laminate. Traditional window frames pair well with warmer wood tones and white laminate cabinets. By choosing complementary materials, you will end up with a truly cohesive and balanced design.

two toned cabinets white and dark wood kitchen

Pay Attention to Flooring
When using wood elements, many modern interior designers opt for darker cabinets to help create a solid focal point for the room. A good rule of thumb for planning your kitchen redesign is to order your new cabinets least three shades darker than your flooring. If your floors are dark to start with, consider going three shades lighter to achieve the emphasis you desire.

Notice how the above design’s island cabinets are several shades darker than the red oak hardwood flooring. The rustic wood grain plays well against the cool marble counters, while the stainless-steel appliances, lights and sink draw the silver from the cabinet hardware. The bay window over the sink allows light to stream in from multiple angles throughout the day, so it can naturally illuminate the metal hardware and vent hood.

two toned cabinets white and black kitchen

Focus on a Small Section
For a bold and dramatic look, consider only making a small section of your cabinets a different color. We love the contrast created by this black-and-white cabinet combo. The island cabinets and half of the upper cabinets are black, while a small section of upper stark white cabinets adds contrast and highlights the island countertop.

The cabinets, modern globe lighting, sleek-lined appliances and Euro-front laminate cabinets work beautifully together with the contemporary casement windows to accomplish a perfect modern kitchen design. Natural accents, like the wood cutting board and bonsai trees, keep the space from feeling stuffy or sterile.

two toned cabinets mint and white farmhouse sink

Add a Touch of Color
While all-white farmhouse kitchens are still very popular, consider bringing color back to your kitchen by painting your island a subtle hue of blue, green or yellow, or even a shade of gray. In the above photo, notice how the light teal island accomplishes the design element of movement in this kitchen by drawing the eye from the cabinets to the island, and finally, to the great outdoors.

The space emits a true modern farmhouse aesthetic and creates a feeling of openness, thanks to glass-front cabinets and complementary large windows. Modern industrial lights add a bit of edge to round out the perfectly beautiful and inviting look.

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