Tips to Make Your Home Look Cleaner Than It Is

Let’s face it. You know that I know that neither of us has time to keep a house looking completely spotless. So what do you do when you have company coming over, but you’ve got dishes spilling out of the sink and a layer of dust on every hard surface? Stay calm and fake it ‘til you make it with these 11 quick cleaning tips:

1. Got dust? Close the blinds. When it comes to hiding dust, sunshine is your worst enemy. Show the dirt who’s boss by closing the blinds. This will make it harder for your guests to see the fine, dry powder that’s lining your tables, counters and bookshelves, or better yet, consider upgrading your windows to Designer Series® with snap-in between-the-glass blinds or shades. These window fashions are tucked between panes of glass – protected from dust, damage and little hands.

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2. If you don’t have time to fold clothes, buy a new hamper and label it “clean.” That way, you can keep clean clothes separate from dirty ones without having to fold until it’s convenient for you.

3. Designate one drawer in your house to be the junk drawer. Then, if you need a quick place to throw something – old birthday cards, magazines, notepads, scissors, etc. – you’ll always have a convenient stashing spot.

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 4.    In the kitchen, hide an overflow of dirty dishes, utensils and clutter in the oven. Once guests leave, be sure to remove them — finding dirty dishes you’ve forgotten about is never a fun surprise.

5.    If you have kids, hide their toys in a play tent. After guests leave, consider having an indoor family campout in the living room. With the tent already up and fully stocked with toys, you’ll be good to go.

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6.    Flip couch cushions over so they look cleaner. And while you’re at it, give the pillows a fluff and fold the blankets. An outward appearance of neatness can go a long way.

7.    Do you have piles of stuff on the floor or countertops? Shove the clutter in a basket! Investing in a few decorative basket or a storage ottoman doesn’t just add style to your space — it can save you from cleaning, too.

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8. As you’re running around getting your house ready for guests, wear fuzzy socks so you can mop the floor as you go. (We recommend one pair of fuzzy socks per noncarpeted room.)

9. If cooking and eating have left crumbs all over your floor, sweep them under the rug for now. You can vacuum later. Or not.

10. If you run out of space in your oven or storage ottoman, try throwing clutter into a closet. No shame or judgment here.

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11. Last but not least, light a candle. A pleasant scent can take your guests’ attention away from how your place looks and place it on how it smells.


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