Split image of a brown leather couch with a white fabric pillow and a small, simply lit pine tree in a planter.

My Style, My Way: Molly Herrick of The Gingham Apron

Remodel secrets and style must-haves for the ultimate farmhouse home.

When city girl Molly Herrick met and married the man of her dreams, she didn’t know a thing about farming or living in the country. Today, she enjoys working as an interior designer in rural Iowa, where she has also transformed her home into the ultimate farmhouse. Here, Molly shares her remodel secrets and style must-haves for the ultimate farmhouse look.

Split image of a brown leather couch with a white fabric pillow and a small, simply lit pine tree in a planter.

What home items can you not live without?
A soft cozy blanket – everyone needs one!
A quiet spot – mine is by our big chair next to our fireplace.
Candles and white lights to enhance the mood.
My favorite drinking mugs.

What are your favorite design styles?
Industrial, farmhouse, Scandinavian and a bit of eclectic.

the gingham apron kitchen - an all white farmhouse kitchen with wooden barn doors

How do you determine and define the personality of a room?
Architecture is a huge determining factor when it comes to defining a space. How a room was built to function and how a homeowner desires it to be should blend together in a harmonious way that creates a welcoming and comfortable space.

Tell us about your recent kitchen remodel project.
I chose the industrial farmhouse look because our home was originally a farmhouse built in 1913. We also chose Pella® windows because we love the idea of supporting a reputable Iowa company who uses quality glass. The products meet and exceed design and architectural standards in my book.

When decorating the interior of the home, I added a touch of the more modern Scandinavian look, as our family comes from Swedish heritage. The remodeling process was definitely an interesting one and a test of patience for all of us. It was done over the summer months, so we used the grill often. With two small children, we kept busy and out of the home during the day. Typically, we packed a cooler and had a picnic and were out for the majority of the daytime.

the gingham apron kitchen - white marble countertops

What’s a typical night in the Herrick kitchen like?
I love spending time in the kitchen. It is the heart of our home, where we spend much of our time together. My kiddos enjoy watching us cook and often help with dinner prep. We pray together, read together, laugh together and talk about our day together. We almost always follow a meal with games or activities (and dessert, too). I definitely have a sweet tooth!

What do you value about your home and what makes it unique to your family?
I love the views, the front porch and being on an acreage. Since we live in the country, I am naturally inspired by the countryside and our surroundings. We are farmers, and I like the connectedness I feel when I catch a glimpse out the window of my husband going by in the tractor or working in the field.

Another window looks out to an old silo, reminding me of the history of authentic farm life in Iowa. In a different part of the house, I am captivated by views of tall pine trees, which look especially beautiful with fresh snow falling on them. This spot also captures the many colors of a radiant sunset, warming my heart to know that this is the place we call home.

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