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10 Things Every Sunroom Needs

Ideas to create a room that makes you exhale.

With a few sunroom décor changes, this often-overlooked room can become the one you never want to leave.

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Fresh Air Fixtures
French patio doors and seamless, retractable window screens can add a beautiful design aesthetic while increasing the amount of natural light and fresh air coming into the home. Pella’s most recent innovation, the Integrated Rolscreen®, creates a cleaner, more polished look from the interior and exterior, with more light streaming into the space than a window with a full screen. (Bonus: No seasonal screen storage is required unlike traditional window screens.)

Comfortable Furniture
Let’s all make a vow, right here and now, that this is the year we are finally going to kick our uncomfortable furniture to the curb. Not only does uncomfortable furniture decrease a room’s functionality, it also just isn’t very pretty to look at. Consider swapping stiff couches and lounge chairs for overstuffed furniture made from down, memory foam, velvet or leather.

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Good Reads
Every great sunroom should have a stack (or two, or three) of your favorite inspiring books. Like throw pillows, chandeliers or rugs, books are an expression of style, representing both who we are and who we want to be. But they also serve another purpose, as pieces of coffee table décor that can truly complete a space.

A Touch of Green
With plenty of natural light to spare, sunrooms help plants thrive while adding dimension to the room. A few of our favorite low-maintenance indoor flora: fiddle leaf fig trees, like the one below, succulents, peace lilies, split-leaf philodendrons and orchids.

Wooden Accents
This interior design strategy is another easy way to create a more natural and relaxing space. Consider adding wooden bowls with a mixed material coffee table, like the one above, which features both wood and a blue laminate.

sunroom décor fiddle leaf fig tree big windows contemporary design

Don’t Make Things Too Bright
While the best sunrooms flood the room with natural light via the use of multiple, large windows, there is such a thing as too bright. Avoid blinding glares with savvy window treatments, between-the-glass blinds and shades with motorized technology, and a balance of light, medium and dark colors throughout the room.

A Touch of Art
Referred to by many designers as the icing on the cake, cherry on top, or jewelry of the home, art is the perfect way to add distinction and beautiful finishing touches to your sunroom’s design. Be sure to consider scale, framing and display, and focus on pieces that will add another layer of tranquility to the space.

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Transitional Décor
As a place of reflection and relaxation, a sunroom should encourage you to breathe deeply and slow your mind down for a moment. This sunroom is the perfect place to unwind because it’s transitional décor causes the eye to glide naturally from one piece to the other. Notice how the tiled floor leads you to look at the cross beams of the coffee table, then the rug, couch and window. You can accomplish the same look by arranging the pieces in your sunroom to flow together in a calming way.

Snack Corner & Mini Bar
To make your sunroom more accommodating, consider adding a stylish mini bar, complete with snacks and various types of drinks for yourself or guests.

Accent Lighting
Sunrooms need lamps, pendants and sconces too! Add a few new dramatic light fixtures so you can keep enjoying your sunroom long after the sun has set.

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