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The Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist with Clean Mama

With the first day of spring one month away, we’re already dreaming about the day it’ll be warm enough to open the windows and let fresh air fill the home.

But as much as we’re looking forward to that renewed feeling, we know that fresh air means nothing without a home that feels fresh, too. That’s right, friends, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning.

Don’t panic: Whether you love it or loathe it, we want to help make your cleaning escapades easier this year. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Clean Mama to offer you a printable spring cleaning checklist* of everything you need to do to refresh your home.

Before you print off the list and get started, here are some expert tips from Becky of Clean Mama.

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What should homeowners focus on when tackling a spring cleaning checklist?
Spring cleaning is intended to get things clean and in order after a winter of having the house all closed up. I always advise people to spend extra time working on areas that haven’t been cleaned in a while – or ever. Washing windows and shampooing carpets are great ways to start.

Other top priorities should include cleaning the bathrooms, thoroughly dusting all surfaces, and vacuuming and washing the floors. Tip: If you have company coming over while you’re in the middle of your spring cleaning checklist, clear any surface clutter, put out clean kitchen and bathroom towels, straighten pillows, and make sure you wipe down counters in the kitchen and bathrooms.

How can homeowners make cleaning feel like less of a chore?
Instead of leaving all of your cleaning until you can’t stand it anymore, clean every day. This is so important and it really helps! In my own home, I schedule daily cleaning tasks and weekly cleaning tasks. This keeps the house clean most of the time and always ready to welcome guests with just a quick tidying. Tip: Set a timer for 10 minutes and see what you can get done – a timer works wonders for motivating a little cleaning spurt.

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What are the most common areas people forget about when cleaning?
People often forget to clean areas that they cannot see: for example, light fixtures, areas that are out of reach, like the tops of doors and the insides of window corners. That’s when a checklist comes in handy. It helps you keep track of your progress so you don’t forget a thing.

What is your best cleaning advice?
Like I mentioned before, clean a little bit every day. Don’t wait until you can’t stand it anymore.

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