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7 Ways to Increase Your Home Office Style

Work and dream inspired.

A home is a place to savor slow moments and make memories, but for many, it’s also a place to dream and work hard. Whether you work from home or have a dedicated space for doing things you love (i.e., reading, writing, crafting), you can increase your productivity and mood with these seven office design ideas for creating a more inspiring work environment.

Get Organized
First things first: a home office is never going to look stylish if it isn’t clean and organized. Consider hiring an organizing consultant to help you tidy the space up or declutter on your own terms. Cut down on paper messes by adding a filing cabinet into your office furniture mix. Once you have everything in its proper place, keep your office looking fresh by always putting things away when you are done using them.

Choose Colors Wisely
Paint your walls with colors that speak to you or are scientifically proven to boost productivity. According to color experts, low-wavelength colors like green and blue improve efficiency and focus. 

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Let There be Light
Add bright and inspiring light to your office by positioning your desk to face or sit adjacent to the room’s windows. If your space lacks proper natural lighting, consider consulting one of our window installation experts about what a remodeling project to add more windows might look like. For a warmer look, consider incorporating amber lamp or cord lighting into your design.

Bring the Outdoors In
Natural elements can breathe fresh life into your indoor space, especially during the winter months. Top low-maintenance plant picks include aloe veras, orchids, cacti and other succulent varieties. For a more sophisticated, elegant look, consider a bouquet of fresh flowers or a potted fiddle leaf fig tree.

Make Art out of Ordinary Things
Every element of your home office brings with it an opportunity to enhance the room’s overall design. An ordinary bookshelf can be transformed into an art piece by color coordinating the books and leaving open spaces for décor. A wall can be painted with chalkboard paint and used for drawing, vision casting and planning. You can also decorate window sills like they are fireplace mantels or rearrange furniture for a fresh look.

Play Up Accents
Accents are one of the easiest ways to add character and style, and they can be changed throughout the year to reflect the season or your personal taste. Our go-to accents for beautiful office design include throw rugs, window treatments, pillows and candles.

Decorate with Your Heart
No matter what design enhancements you make to your office, the important thing to keep in mind is to always decorate with things that inspire you or are tied to a memory. This will boost both your mood and productivity as you work.

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