Saluting Those Who Sacrifice: Bo’s Story

“I got the call every father fears,” said Don Reichenbach. It was July 2012, and Don’s son, Bo was only seven months into his deployment as a Navy SEAL. In that one phone call, every memory, every dream changed. “It just rips your heart out,” added Don.

With both legs gone, an injured arm and some hearing loss, Don stayed by his son’s side as he endured nearly 30 surgeries over the course of two years. Once home in Billings, Montana, Don wasn’t about to let Bo give up on one of his lifelong dreams.

"From the very beginning, I always wanted to build my own home for my family, that was a goal in life," said Bo. “Things may be harder, but you just find a different way of doing them.”

“We knew building the home would be great therapy for Bo,” added Don. “But I also recognized that we’d need to make some adjustments for it to be accessible for him and so he could live independently.”

Don recognized the need for an automated home and asked Pella if they would be interested in donating materials to make the home friendlier for Bo. The local branch in Montana came back with a huge surprise for the veteran and his father by outfitting the house with Pella® Designer Series® windows and Pella entry doors with Insynctive™ Technology.

“The whole house is automated,” said Bo. “You can go in and press a button and turn off all the lights, close all the shades and turn the security system on.”

Don added, “It was so important for us to build this home together. To show him he can still do the things he used to and that he not only has my support, but the community’s too.”

Thank you Bo, thank you Don and thank you to all veterans who serve.

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