Tackle Spring Cleaning with These 5 Ideas

Opening all the windows in your home is one of the first sure signs spring has arrived! After a long winter, you might notice your home is in need of a little love.

Tackling spring cleaning is much easier if you open all the windows, turn up some great music and get moving! We’ve put together a few ideas for simple ways to prepare your space for warmer weather.

Pack it up

Goodness … where to start? First, pack up winter decorations and clothes. Still have that Santa Claus statue hanging around? Time to send him back to the North Pole! Make room for spring décor and use storage spaces in your home to pack things away until next year. Who wants to see winter wear and holiday decorations in the middle of May? Not us.

Replace damaged screens

Let that fresh air in and keep bugs and debris out by replacing window and door screens that have seen better days. If your screens are generally in good condition, but you notice a small tear or two, take them to your local hardware store for simple, low-cost repairs. Or, if the screen fabric needs to be replaced, they can install new screen cloth into the original frame. When the entire screen is beyond repair, it’s time to shop. Look for options that are designed to maximize airflow and access to natural light.

Scrub, scrub, scrub!

Make your windows sparkle! To maximize natural light and beautify your home from the inside out, use an ammonia-free glass cleaner like PellaTM Glass and Window Cleaner. (Forgive our shameless plug, but really, this glass cleaner is not only awesome, but environmentally friendly!) To avoid streaks and scratches we recommend using a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe down windows. Some people swear by using newspaper instead. What’s your preference for streak-free shine?

Add spring color

Adding spring color to your home can be as easy as pillow, rug and paint. For both the interior and exterior of your home, create a fresh feel with bold colors. Add decorative pillows to your living room, or paint the trim on your home’s exterior to invigorate the look.

Refresh the patio




Exterior view of a backyard patio with flowers and patio furniture
Exterior view of a backyard patio with flowers and patio furniture




Harsh winter weather can leave your patio in need of a serious makeover. Repaint or re-stain your deck or patio for a clean look. Then add hanging baskets and potted flowers for a little springtime color. This is the perfect time to dust off your patio table, open the umbrella and relax in your lounge chairs!

How do you spruce up your home for spring? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.


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