Welcome to the New Era of Fuss-Free Window Screens

Introducing the concealed, retractable and seamless Integrated Rolscreen

We love window screens for their ability to bring fresh air into the home without bugs, but let’s face it: screens can take away from the overall design aesthetic of a space.

“One of the things we’ve heard from consumers and architects in our product development research is, ‘I really wish you could do something about the screen. It’s hindering the look and limiting the amount of natural light that is coming into the home,’” says Matt Kiernan, Director of Strategic Innovation for Pella®.

architect series integrated rolscreen pella windows innovation black and white modern interior design

Taking in all of this feedback, last month Pella made a pivotal move for the future of modern day windows with its introduction of Architect Series® Reserve™ Double- and Single-Hung Integrated Rolscreen®, a concealed, retractable screen that moves seamlessly with the sash.

“What Pella has created here is really a game changer,” says Kiernan. “We’ve built the Rolscreen into the bottom and top of the window so that when you open one of your window the screen comes with it so you don’t see it when you’re not using it. It then retracts back into the frame of the window when the window is closed.”

integrated rolscreen white contemporary home

The Integrated Rolscreen creates a cleaner, more polished look from the interior and exterior, with more light streaming into the space than a window with a full screen, and no seasonal screen storage is required unlike traditional window screens.

In addition to the Integrated Rolscreen’s seamless aesthetics, we think you’ll also appreciate its intuitive, easy-to-use design and its high-transparency InView™ screen cloth, which provides more light and airflow than a conventional screen. The innovative design also features high-strength magnets that keep the screen in place and a self-correcting feature that quickly re-threads the screen material if needed.

pella integrated rolscreen innovation brown window trim woman staring out window drinking coffee

“It’s worry-free functionality and beauty all in one, and it makes your life easier,” says interior designer Meredith Heron. “It can truly change how you envision a space both inside and out. It shows up when it needs to and goes away when it needs to.”

For more information on the Integrated Rolscreen and other Pella premium products, contact or visit a Pella showroom near you.

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