How It’s Made: Beautiful Custom Windows

Our windows are made custom to order with craftsmanship, innovation and you in mind.

Custom-home builder and Fine Homebuilding brand ambassador John Hourihan recently toured the Pella factory to get a behind-the-scenes look at just how innovative and custom our windows and doors are. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the full tour here and read below for some of the highlights.

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What inspired you to take a tour to see how Pella’s custom windows are made?
I really wanted to see the entire process of turning raw wood into beautiful, custom and high-performance windows and doors.

What was your first impression of the wood-processing plant?
Each week, roughly three million board feet of wood (primarily Ponderosa pine from the Pacific Northwest) go in one door, and truckloads of new windows go out another. Pretty impressive in my book.

composite wood board pella custom windows innovation

What key takeaways did you learn from seeing the manufacturing and assembly processes?
What really struck me about manufacturing is how composite boards are formed with solid wood pieces on the end to give products the sleek, uniform look of a solid wood piece with the strength and durability of an engineered product. That’s innovation and the end result is flawless.

On the assembly side of things, I was impressed to hear how many hands touch the product – 50 pairs of hands to be exact as is goes down the line across 10 assembly lines. Yes, this is an innovative facility but they are still made by people, and that screams craftsmanship.

pella custom windows integrated rolscreen

If you had to pick a favorite product line, which would you pick and why?
On my way out, I had the chance to tour all the product lines. One unit that caught my interest has an integrated screen unit that’s just incredible. Pella started out as a screen company and 95 years later, they are innovating screen technology once again.

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