25 Expert Home Organization Tips

Cut the clutter out of your home and life.

As a professional organizer, Morgan Tyree sees a lot of clutter. In fact, in her experience she says it’s the number one reason homeowners struggle with organization.

“The good news is with small daily steps anyone can learn to be a better gatekeeper of the clutter that comes into their home,” Tyree says. “The key to avoiding excess accumulation is to be more organized and have less stuff.

We sat down with Tyree to learn about her top home organization tips. Here are 25 “start and stop” ways to easily cut some of the clutter out of your home and life.

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1. Start saying no to free product samples.

2. Stop taking brochures, menus, flyers, cards, etc.

3. Start deleting apps, messages, texts, and/or contacts you no longer need.

4. Stop storing music or movies you don't listen to or watch anymore.

5. Start clearing out the car, every single time you get home.

6. Stop keeping expired foods, beauty products, and medicines.

7. Start tossing receipts as soon as possible.

8. Stop hanging on to outdated and unused electronics (and cords, covers, accessories).

9. Start using your gift cards immediately and entirely.

10. Stop buying a new spice for every new recipe, streamline your spices.

11. Start looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, there are opportunities everywhere.

12. Stop holding on to clothes you might wear "someday"- TODAY is your someday.

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13. Start placing reusable shopping bags in your car and commit to only using reusable.

14. Stop safekeeping your unmatched items – this can be anything!

15. Start buying more books electronically and/or checking them out from your library.

16. Stop signing up for newsletters and emails that don't bring you value.

17. Start deleting photos often, only keep your favorites.

18. Stop saying yes when you mean no.

19. Start giving yourself more margin in your schedule.

20. Stop buying more tools, keep a stocked spot with all of your essentials.

21. Start tossing anything that is worn out, stained, or faded.

22. Stop believing you need to hold on to gifts, gifts you don't want and/or need.

23. Start ditching things that you have in multiples, only keep what you actually use.

24. Stop decorating with decor or items you don't love.

25. Start cancelling services you no longer use or benefit from.

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“When you get back to the basics and focus on starting to do the things that help you eliminate clutter, and stop doing the things that contribute to your clutter, you will continue to move forward on a more clutter-free path!” says Tyree.

So, which start will you start? Or which stop will you stop?

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