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#PellaView: Sliding Door Enhances Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

In 2013, Karly Anderson’s life was uprooted when she relocated to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, with her husband, Ryan, and their dog, Finley. Desperately in need of a creative outlet, Anderson launched Miss in the Midwest, a lifestyle blog dedicated to home décor, beauty and fashion.

Anderson’s passion for remodeling has always been high on the list of her many hobbies. After finally moving into her own home in Fond du Lac in 2014, she couldn’t wait to start tackling and blogging about home improvement projects – especially her modern farmhouse kitchen remodel.

To date, the Andersons have renovated the entire downstairs, which includes the kitchen, family room, sitting room, dining room, half bathroom and hallway.

We sat down with Anderson to learn about her kitchen remodel and how adding a new sliding door added warmth to the heart of her home.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel - Miss in the Midwest Modern Kitchen Reveal

What inspired you to give your kitchen a modern farmhouse look?
I’m very inspired by the renovations and designs from the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” We wanted a classic and timeless design for the kitchen, since it isn’t something that we can easily change again down the road. That made the modern farmhouse look a perfect fit for us.

Tell us a little bit about the design process behind the project.
While we worked with Floor Quest on the design and materials for the kitchen, I would still say that we primarily designed the kitchen ourselves. We had a long wish list, so it was easier for us to just put it all together. Because the footprint and placement of major utilities weren’t changing, our main challenge was figuring out how to fit the new pieces together.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel - Apron Sink

What was on your dream kitchen wish list?
The only non-negotiable piece of the kitchen was the purchase and installation of a farmhouse apron sink. That was the only thing I wasn’t willing to budge on, and it paid off! It’s still my favorite part of the kitchen, and it serves as such a focal point for the room. Aside from that, white cabinets and a subway tile backsplash were high on the wish list, along with getting rid of the outdated light box to install recessed lighting.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel - Pella 350 Series Sliding Patio Door

How did you select the style of door and brand to go with?
We decided on a 350 Series Sliding Patio Door with Between-the-Glass Linen Cellular Shades. We knew Pella was one of the top brands. And, lucky for us, Lowe's was running a promotion on the type of sliding door that we were hoping to get, so it worked with our budget and timeframe to purchase.

What did the door buying and installation process look like for you?
It was super-easy! Lowe’s customer service is some of the best out there. We had the door within a few weeks, and our contractor was able to install it within an hour.

What did this project teach you about the importance of doors in a remodeling project?
We definitely notice how much warmer it is in the eat-in portion of our kitchen now! Our previous sliding door was original to the house, and the seal was broken so it was barely keeping any air in. We enjoy how nice and secure our Pella sliding door is, especially since it includes a lock for extra security. Plus, there’s no need to hang curtains or sliding blinds – they are built right into the door.

Tell us about a favorite moment you’ve had in the new kitchen.
I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner this past November, so that was the first time that I really got to put the new kitchen and appliances to the test. Everything passed with flying colors! What I love most about the kitchen now is that it motivates me to cook and spend more time in there. It’s amazing what a fresh, new space can do for the soul. Some people may not want to make a mess after spending so much money and hard work on a renovation, but the kitchen is the heart of the home! I love to get in there and use the space for what it’s intended.

What remodeling project do you have your sights set on now?
We now are setting our sights on the upstairs level of our home, starting with our master bedroom and closet.

Find out how to choose the right door for your home improvement project by visiting our Plan Your Project online resource center.

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