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NYC Window Pop-Up Fights Harmful Effects of Noise Pollution

Learn how windows and interior design can benefit your health.

From obnoxious leaf blowers to the everyday noises of city streets, every neighborhood has noise nuisances that can disturb a home. But did you know that noise pollution has actually become a major threat to our mental health?

We may not be aware of it, but we’re losing sleep over noise. 97 percent of the U.S. population is exposed to harmful levels of noise every day1. And in New York City, 9 out of 10 adults are exposed to noise levels that actually exceed EPA safe limits2.

That’s where the noise-reducing Pella Lifestyle Series windows come in – our recent product innovation that’s putting noise in its place once and for all. Available in several shapes and finishes, you can combat noise in every style.

Last week, our team took a pop-up to the halls of Grand Central Station to show the nation how new window innovations can lead to better sleep, increase concentration and lower levels of stress for everyone.

new york on mute grand central station lifestyle series

How Windows Reduce Noise
Designed with triple-pane glass and tight joinery, our Lifestyle Series windows leave more noise and cold outside (where they belong) than any other window, so homes are healthier and happier. By taking these windows to New York City, one of the noisiest places on Earth, we were able to demonstrate just how great this innovation works.

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Fighting Noise with Interior Design
Interior design can fight noise pollution too, and, when coupled with our Lifestyle Series windows, this model home was able to ward off most of the noise produced by Grand Central Station. That means the city that never sleeps might finally be able to. This affordable décor, coupled with Pella’s affordable Lifestyle Series windows, will help you create a happy, quiet space in your home.

Designed by celebrity interior designer and HGTV host Sabrina Soto, this space features a rug to dampen footsteps and reduce echoes throughout the home. Pillows, heavy fabrics and throw blankets add texture and help absorb noise. Artwork is another feature that fights noise — paintings or wall hangings can soak up stray sounds. While our NYC home model doesn’t feature a bedroom, in your home, you can place your bed against an interior wall to help reduce noise and encourage deep sleep.

Another design tip from Soto: Go greener with your landscaping by using shrubbery as a noise barrier between your house and the street.

Ready to explore Pella Lifestyle Series window solutions for your home? Find an authorized retailer near you to learn more about window installation.

1 Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2017.

2 Neitzel FL, Gershon RR, McAlexander TP, Mgda LA, Pearson JM. Exposures to transit and other sources of noise among New York City residents. Environ Sci Technol. 2012;46:500-508.

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