New Window and Door Sensor Protects What Matters Most

Preserve beauty, add comfort and enhance home security with Pella Insynctive technology.

Imagine if there was a way to monitor your windows and doors remotely. With newly updated Pella window and door sensor technology, that dream becomes a reality. Not only can you program blinds built between the glass to go up and down when you want, but you can also see what’s locked, closed and open with a convenient, new home monitoring app.

And here’s a huge design bonus: New built in sensors are built into the frame so you can’t see them. Learn more about the innovation and design created for your peace of mind in today’s interview with Pella Associate Product Manager Dan Kahne.

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Pella: How do the new integrated sensors enhance the Insynctive Product function?
Dan: These sensors give our customers the ability to maintain the benefits that they value from having a security solution without having to sacrifice the aesthetic beauty of their window or door product. The integrated design makes the sensors virtually invisible when the product is closed all while keeping the sensors easily accessible if needed. Also, our factory installation process maintains the product warranty where many other options require drilling into the product which can void the warranty.

What makes Insynctive a great modern home investment?
Insynctive and its new accompanying mobile app allows a homeowner to not only set-up their Insynctive products through guided instructions but also offers the option for them to self-monitor their Insynctive products at no additional cost.

The Pella Insynctive App can also send push notifications to the user on a smart device when a window or door is open or closed so a homeowner can understand the security status of their home from virtually anywhere. If the customer intends to install a professionally monitored security system in their home our Insynctive sensors are able to integrate with most major security panels.

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What excites you most about the new innovations made to Insynctive?
It’s definitely the value provided when you utilize Insynctive integrated sensors with the Pella Insynctive App. The guided set up process provided by the App makes is very simple to start using the Insynctive sensors and notifications let our customers see any product status changes in real time. All the value delivered by the Pella Insynctive App is offered to the customer at no additional charge.

You touched on this earlier, but how do the new sensors impact design?
Insynctive sensors impact design by not impacting design! Many other security sensor options are applied to the window or door after installation, usually using double sided tape. These stick-on sensors take away from the aesthetic beauty of the product whereas the integrated design of Insynctive maintains that beauty along with the security benefits the customer values.

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