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Hinged Patio Doors vs. Sliding Patio Doors

Make the connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces even more seamless and striking.

Home and patio access points should be functional and beautiful, and both hinged and sliding patio doors can help you accomplish these design goals. While there are many different features to consider when choosing the right patio door to complement your space, with the right information, you can transform the look and function of your room.

Make the connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces even more seamless and striking by reading our hinged vs. sliding door guide.

Hinged patio door double-doors white trim with grilles

Hinged Patio Doors
Hinged patio doors add classic sophistication to any room and are perfect for creating a quick transition between your indoor and outdoor living space. This door comes in two styles: two operable doors that swing open from the sides, or a single door for simple elegance. Most hinged doors also give you the option of swinging in or out.

Single Hinged Patio Doors
A single hinged patio door features one door panel and can be combined with additional features to add character to your home’s design. Available door combinations include a single hinge door with a left or right sidelight, or both. Transom windows can be placed above the door regardless of what type of sidelight design you choose.

Double Hinged Patio Doors
Double hinged doors have two panels that swing open from the center and are typically referred to as French doors. Whether your home’s style is contemporary or traditional, hinged French patio doors can add a dramatic statement. Choose an in-swing if you want the doors to open into a room. An out-swing works well when the double patio doors leads to a patio or deck.

Sliding Patio Door vinyl sliding door two panel white frame and trim

Sliding Patio Doors
A sliding patio door includes at least two panels of glass – one stationary and another that slides open on a track. Because sliding patio doors don’t swing open, they are a great space-saving choice for smaller rooms. However, if you have the space for it, you can always add an extra panel or two to expand the opening. This will allow for more natural light to fill the room.

Another plus is that sliding patio doors typically come with a sliding screen door. This means you can let the breeze in and keep the bugs out.

Sliding French Patio Doors
Sliding French patio doors allow you to enjoy the elegant and luxurious look of a double hinged patio door with a design that takes up less space. These doors have the look of a French door with wider stiles and rails, but functions as a sliding glass door.

Scenescape bifold patio door open

Folding Patio Doors
Another stunning hinged door option is the bifold patio door, part of the Pella Scenescape™ collection featuring high performance in the form of efficiency, functionality and durability. These multi-panel doors fold and stack neatly to the side to give your home the space you need while creating a completely blended environment between your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

Comparing Hinged and Sliding Doors
Both sliding and hinged patio doors provide their own unique benefits, but it all comes down to choosing the patio door that complements your home’s architectural style, décor and functionality. Smaller spaces are best complemented by exterior sliding doors, while hinged and folding doors work best in bigger, more spacious rooms.

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