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5 Easy Ways to Make a Happier Home

Your home is where you wake up every morning and wind down every night. So it makes sense that it should be the place where you’re most comfortable. Making a few simple updates to your décor can help you feel happy at home – and give you a brighter outlook.

Light up the room – naturally.
Daylight is one design element that won’t go out of style. Not only does it create a cheerful vibe, but it’s proven to brighten your mood and enhance productivity. Mirrors and furniture with reflective accents amplify natural light by bouncing it around the room. And white or sheer window dressings allow the sun to shine through even when the curtains are drawn.  

Go sit in a corner. 
Whether you love getting lost in a book or dreaming up a story of your own, a creativity nook could be just what you need for inspiration. Create a reading nook with just a few plush pillows on a wide bench – or even on the floor. If you’re a writer or an artist, carve out a work station with your supplies organized neatly in a cart. No matter what your hobby, designating a space devoted to your passion will encourage you to create something that truly reflects you.

Create a sleeping sanctuary.

Your bedroom is a place to recharge. It’s important that it has a peaceful ambiance that encourages rest. Clearing out clutter (Yes, even under the bed!) is a great first step toward tranquility. Consider painting your walls an icy blue or a soft gray to create a feeling of calm. Also, get in the habit of making your bed. This simple task helps jumpstart your productivity in the morning and encourages serenity all day. 

Let your personality shine.
Do bright colors put you in a good mood? Or do wild patterns spark your creativity? Whatever your style, don’t be afraid to let your home express it. Changing out throw blankets, accent pillows or window treatments is a simple way to put your originality on display. And a bold accent wall can give any room a fresh personality. Remember, if it makes you happy, no design element is off limits.

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Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass Casement Windows

Make the quick fixes first.
Home improvement projects can be overwhelming. But making small updates can go a long way toward sprucing up your home. Adding a fresh coat of paint is quick and inexpensive, and it can completely change a room’s vibe. Switching out cabinet hardware is a simple way to make your kitchen or bathroom look more modern. And higher-end light switch covers add style with very little investment.

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