how to choose a front door color

How to Choose a Front Door Color

Set the tone for your home with a new color palette.

Interior designers often refer to art as “the jewelry of the home,” but when it comes to enhancing your home’s exterior design, the front door is king.

Choosing the right color for your front door is an important decision because it impacts curb appeal and sets the tone for the entire home. Front door colors ultimately have the power to completely change the look of your home by complementing or contrasting your exterior color palette.

With a wide range of color choices available, sometimes it can be difficult to pick the right paint color. Before you make a selection, a few tips can help your front door stand out while staying on trend.

Front Door Colors
Did you know that prefinished wood, fiberglass and steel doors are available in just about every shade and hue? Choosing a prefinished paint color not only saves time on your part, but it also helps you save on finishing costs.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can always consider staining and finishing the door yourself. However, make sure the type of primer you use matches the type of paint you want to use (i.e. latex or oil-based). Latex paint dries quickly and is easy to work with, however if it’s durability you’re after, oil-based paint is the better choice.

craftsman light entry door open black no sidelights or transom

Black Front Doors
Black is back in a big way in the world of home design, and builders and designers are increasingly using black front doors to make a bold, modern statement. We love the way the above solid wood door adds contrast to the farmhouse inspired home’s mostly white interior.

Before choosing black as your front door color, consider the color scheme of your home’s exterior materials. Though we’ve seen a rise in black-on-black home exteriors, because black is the ultimate contrast agent, it tends to pair best with white, beige, light tan or brick homes.

White Front Doors
For a monochromatic look, consider pairing a white front door with your home’s white brick or siding. Paneling, sidelights and transoms can add style while also making sure the door doesn’t blend in too much with its surroundings.

exterior home vibrancy collection blue entry door

Red Front Doors
The style of your home can help you narrow down your color options by helping you pick the one that complements the overall look you’re trying to achieve. We love the unexpected touch of radiant red above, which adds personality and makes the front door the focal point of the porch. For a more rustic look, opt for a darker shade of red.

Green Front Doors
Whether you prefer a vibrant, mint or forest green, this hue is inviting and creates a balanced exterior look. Accent with light or dark trim and make sure your front yard landscaping has plenty of greenery, which can play off of and point to whatever shade you go with for the door.

Grey Front Doors
A front door doesn’t have to be painted a bright color to make a home look beautiful. Pair a cool shade of grey with a warm exterior to make your door pop. Grey doors also work well with white exteriors.

More Front Entry Door Ideas
When considering front door colors, it’s equally important to think about both the design of the home and the style of the door. For example, bright colors work well on doors with large glass panels, while dark and soft hues, and neutrals, pair best with solid panel doors.

Another factor to consider when changing up the look of your front door is window and door trim. Your door should always contrast with this, as you want it to stand out from what’s going on with the rest of the home’s exterior

front door colors full light entry door with glass sidelights and transom decorative glass

Glass Front Doors
Otherwise known as full light glass front doors, this style of door is durable and comes in a variety neutral and bold colors via our Vibrancy Collection. While the above door is shown with decorative glass, you can forgo that, especially if you’re trying to accomplish a modern look. These doors aren’t just beautiful from the outside – they also let in a ton of natural light to make your interior spaces look brighter and better than ever.

solid wood entry door arched entry door

Solid Wood Front Doors
Available in mahogany, rustic walnut, solid wood front doors bring to life the beauty of nature and can be customized to complement nearly any style of home. If you’re someone who, like us, obsesses over the little design details, you’ll love the fact that no two Pella wood entry doors are the same – each is uniquely designed and customized to bring beautiful character and warmth to your home.

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