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5 Modern Wallpaper Ideas for a Fresh Look

Reimagine your home’s design with wallpaper.

Of all of the design elements you could place in your home, wallpaper has the potential to add the most color, depth and personality. From bold floral and geometric patterns to subtle solid or foiled motifs, today’s modern styles offer something for everyone and every home. To help you decide which pattern is best for you (and, where to put it), here are five wallpaper ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Color
Bold colors aren’t just reserved for throw pillows and blankets. Dress up the walls with bold patterns, like florals (see above) and stripes, and colors. Lighter, muted tones make a room feel bigger while darker, more saturated colors can cozy up a space.

bold wallpaper tropical theme

2. Complement the Look You Already Have

When you’re thinking about which wallpaper design to hang in a space, draw vision from the décor you already have. We love the way this designer tied the tropical vibe of the plant and lamp together with a beautiful natural print that almost matches the lampshade!

3. Use to Create an Accent Wall
You don’t have to commit to hanging wallpaper on every wall in a room to make a statement. Consider using wallpaper on just one wall to create an accent affect.

wallpaper neutral pattern hallway

4. Don’t Underestimate Neutrals

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be wild to make a strong design statement. Neutrals are a staple in modern spaces and they also perform well when it comes to resale value. Notice in the above photo how the neutral geometric pattern complements the patterned gold mirror and console table to create a balanced and cohesive look.

5. Consider Watercolor Patterns
Eliminate the need for wall art with a modern watercolor wall mural. Watercolor patterns are dreamy, intriguing and create movement in any room. Our top room picks for watercolor wallpaper are living rooms, offices and bedrooms.

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