Interior Design Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

The end of summer is always bittersweet. It’s the end of long days and late nights, neighborhood barbecues and carefree days at the pool. But it’s also a fresh start – the beginning of autumn’s glow, watching leaves turn and establishing routines as kids go back to school.

That makes it the perfect time to hit the refresh button on your home. So how can you get your house ready for the season while staying on trend? We sat down with Alicia Snyder of the Pella Product and Trends Department to bring you a few fall interior design ideas.

A living room with fall interior design themes with orange and brown hues

What are some of the top design trends influencing home décor this fall?

The trends team at Pella has identified a few areas of design that we are addressing with our products this fall:

  • Contemporary: Characterized by clean lines, spacious views, and a combination of traditional and modern décor. For Pella, we’ve applied this trend by slimming the profile on our windows for a sleeker look, updating our hardware with contemporary styles, and expanding our finishing options to include a black interior finish.
  • Contrast: Combines neutral shades with bright, stark contrasting colors and rustic elements with modern finishes.
  • Metallic: Brings the sheen and beauty of metals back to the interior – from mirrored finishes and shiny door hardware to metallic fabrics and wallpaper with a touch of gold or silver.
  • Multifunctional: While the term “great room” was coined in the early 2000s as the best layout for new homes, multifunctional spaces have come to the forefront – including the adaptation of the “great room” concept of the kitchen extending into the living space. Homeowners want to bring the outside in with wider windows and more natural light. Bedrooms are even getting smaller to make more space for entertaining.

A contemporary style reading corner with a wall of windows overlooking forest scenery

Do you have a favorite trend?

Contrast for sure. I love combining older furniture and more rustic finishes with a more modern, contemporary flair. It’s neat to combine the old with the new – that’s my home style preference. In the past, furniture was built with more details, so it’s awesome to use those kinds of enduring pieces.

A living room decorated with a fall interior design palette highlighting oranges

Regardless of trends, what are your go-to home products for fall decorating? 
Adding a new, warm throw blanket to your sofa and placing seasonal candles throughout the home are simple ways to welcome the season.

View of a contemporary-style dining room from the kitchen

For homeowners wanting to refresh their décor, what are some easy design changes they can make?

One suggestion would be to add a complementary color to the current theme. For example, if the living room is blues/whites/grays, add yellow accents like a vase with flowers or a bright couple of pillows for a refreshed look. Incorporating new lighting elements or a statement light fixture is another great way to add depth and elegance to spaces. Additionally, you can rearrange or swap out furniture from different rooms for different purposes – i.e., move around the furniture for a different flow from space to space, angle furniture differently, use a storage container as a side table, use a lamp from the living room in the bedroom, etc.

If you want to learn more about bringing fall trends to your windows and doors, contact your local Pella sales representative.


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