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2019 Interior Design Influences

Check out the top interior design influences from 2019

To help you make sense of interior design for the past year, we’ve identified three top interior design influences we’ve seen in 2019. We expect these trends to have some overlap into next year, but stay tuned for what we anticipate will be the markers of great style in 2020.

interior design biophilic home design

Biophilic Design: Nature that Nutures
Humans' biological connection to nature stems from a history of being dynamically aligned with the natural world. Senses, emotions and even intellect are developed in close association with earthly elements. Satisfying the need for the incorporation of nature in built elements is the core of biophilic design.

Integrating aspects of biophilic design such as access to light, open space considerations, greenery, and more natural materials in furnishings can assist in positive changes in satisfaction and productivity in workplaces. There is also evidence of gains in overall health and wellness of individuals exposed to this type of design thinking.

interior design scandinavian chic

Scandinavian Chic: Democratic Design Done Danish Style
Scandinavian design, also known as Danish design and thoroughly acknowledged in mid-century modern significance, is often characterized as a minimalist movement. Historically it was influenced by pragmatism of post-war influences, high emphasis on craftsmanship and the efficient use of limited material resources. Rooted in simplicity with a purist idea of form and function, the true core of Scandinavian design is rooted in humanism.

During long months of darkness in the Scandinavian regions, homes were pressed to offer psychological solace as well as shelter. The notion of domestic cheer centered on bringing warmth to the home through color, texture and pattern, often focusing on organic forms and materials. Never a movement to be considered ostentatious, Scandinavian design centers on simple, understated, well-made products in natural tones and matte finishes. Color palettes center on black, white and neutrals and de-saturated tones, often seeing blush tones.

interior design led accent lighting on staircase

Illumination: Far from Flashlight Futures
"Whether it's daylighting or artificial lighting, light draws attention to textures, colors, and forms of a space, helping architecture achieve its true purpose. Lighting can bring an emotional value to architecture — it helps create an experience for those who occupy the space," says Dr. Sergio Altomonte, Architect & Professor at Nottingham University.

Modern illumination, with the evolution of LED lighting, has created a dynamic new world that allows light to be integrated and accessed in all new ways. From backlighting in kitchen and bath to wayfinding in corporate facilities and urban settings, your path is likely to be lit in all new ways.

We love the way this space incorporates white LED lighting into its staircase and ceiling designs to create an uplifting and inspired vibe. Warm wood offsets the cool design elements and the effect is a perfectly balance home.

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