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The Benefits of Getting a Home Energy Audit

If you want to keep heating and cooling costs low and improve your home’s performance, then energy efficiency matters. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, having a more energy-efficient home can save 5%–30% on heating and cooling costs.

How can you ensure that your home is performing optimally? The first thing you’ll want to do is get a home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment. This can help you understand your home’s energy consumption, and how reducing energy use can make your home more efficient.

When to Get a Home Energy Audit

Have you noticed any of the following issues with your home?  

  1. Drafty rooms
  2. Continuously running heating and cooling systems
  3. Condensation on the windows
  4. Excessive dust
  5. Dry indoor air during colder months
  6. Faulty wiring

An energy audit can help pinpoint the problems and offer solutions.

More Comfort, Lower Costs
Heat loss might be more obvious to those who live in colder climates, but energy inefficiencies are an issue no matter where you live. A home energy audit can help identify ways to keep your home more comfortable by minimizing heat loss in the winter and more efficiently cooling your home in the summer.

The age of your home can be a major factor in its energy efficiency. Older homes can lack sufficient insulation and have uneven heating and cooling. And original single-pane windows can be a source of energy loss compared today's highly efficient double- and triple-pane windows.

Certified energy auditors work to identify home areas that have the highest inefficiencies. Once they know what’s causing the problem, they can show you ways to reduce drafts, make heating and cooling systems more efficient, even do simple things like replacing light bulbs.

Most utility companies offer free energy audits and oftentimes will even replace light bulbs and fix insulation while they're there.

In the end, a few practical home improvements can save you hundreds of valuable dollars in heating and cooling costs, make your home more comfortable and increase its value.

Is your money going out the window? To learn more about how you can save energy and money by replacing your windows and doors, contact your local Pella representative.

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