a double-hung kitchen window is the focal point of this contemporary-style kitchen

Kitchen Windows Let in Light and Beauty

For some, kitchens are a means to get dinner on the table. For others, the space is more about community — about having a warm and inviting space where people can gather, break bread and share stories together. But a space like that doesn’t always come with every home. Sometimes you have to create that kind of kitchen for yourself.

Chris and Julia Marcum relax on the couch with their 2 kids and St. Bernard.

(Image Source: Chris and Julie)

As avid entertainers and foodies, home improvement bloggers Chris and Julia Marcum knew they were going to have to renovate their kitchen when they purchased their second home in Idaho in 2013.

“It needed some major updating,” Julia says. “Chris loves to cook, so having a kitchen that was both an inviting gathering place, as well as high-functioning, was important. We didn’t want to be missing anything in the space, including our guests.”

After working on a few others rooms in the house, the couple got to work on creating their dream kitchen.  The finished project, featuring several Pella® windows, is in the September issue of Food Network Magazine, but today we want to give you a deeper look into how Chris and Julia remodeled their kitchen and why they chose replacement windows by Pella.

a kitchen window above the sink brings in light to the workspace

Pella: When you were coming up with design concepts for your kitchen remodel, what was on your project wish list?

Julia: Our kitchen included a lot of reconfiguring, but the biggest need was adding more natural light. The original kitchen was so dark, and the lighting was terrible. Adding Pella® 250 Series InsulShield® Low-E triple-pane windows was where we started, and everything else was designed around that because natural light is one of those things you simply can’t fake. 

How did you select what brand and type of window to go with?

We previously added a Pella window to another room in our home, so we knew first-hand that their quality was good. We knew that with Pella we could add all three of the windows we had planned, without seeing a significant sacrifice in energy efficiency. Now that the kitchen is completed, the visual impact and clarity of our new windows are the best we’ve seen with any brand.

How did Lowe's help you choose the right Pella window? 

Lowe’s was great about letting us know that the sky is the limit. Essentially, their guidance was that Pella can make whatever window we wanted for the space, and that’s an important thing when you’re designing a room.

What did the window installation process look like for you?

We have an independent contractor we work with from time to time, and he installed the windows for us. Because he was moving one window opening and creating two new openings, it was essentially one day of cutting holes, patching siding and framing the window, and half a day of installing the new windows.

What did this project teach you about windows and window installation?

We’ve added windows in the past, but this was the first project where we really removed the limitations on the space. It was always a very cautious process of “well, what if we find a pipe in the wall or wiring, etc.?” With this one, we simply told ourselves, “We want windows in those places, and we will move anything that stands in the way.” It was very freeing. And also lucky that we actually didn’t run into anything.

Kitchen windows spaced throughout the kitchen bring natural light to the contemporary style

Now that the kitchen is finished, what do you love most about it?

Every. Single. Thing. My husband was making dinner the other night and turned to me and said, “Our kitchen isn’t the fanciest on the planet, but I honestly can’t imagine enjoying a kitchen more than I do this one.” Everything we need is here, and in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable. And being able to look out the new windows and see our girls playing outside, or the trees surrounding our yard, or my family sitting on our deck — you never feel excluded from anything when you’re in this kitchen.

Tell me about a favorite moment that happened in the new kitchen.

We’ve had a lot of parties, big and small. But we recently had my husband’s brother and his wife over for the weekend. The morning after they arrived, we sat and ate breakfast together, with the sunrise peeking through the trees outside our windows, peppering the kitchen with flecks of light. We laughed and watched our daughters dance to their favorite songs, ate homemade sage biscuits with sausage gravy and fresh berries and mint we’d picked the day before from my parents’ house. It was all so natural, and it wasn’t until we were cleaning up our plates that I realized how great of a moment it was. I realized that I always want our home to be about the people we invite into it — and making them feel immediately welcomed.

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