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DIY Tiny House - Hurdles, Hang-ups, and Bliss

After our initial tiny house blog post (Tiny House, Big Life) from June, we check in with Jonathan on the progress of his DIY project.  Read what he has to say below.

The ideas keep swirling. Wonderful ideas. Deciding to take on a DIY project like a tiny house, with absolutely no background in construction, remodeling, building, wood working, electrical, plumbing, or solar,  you’re sure to hit curvy, muddy, road blocks. Add to the mix a job at Walk2Connect that lives and breathes into all hours of your life, the start of a new school program, and the special ingredients of Summer activity in the glorious state of Colorado ‒ and you’ll find your deadline and goals require flexibility!

I come to this post with exhaustion from my wonderful daily life AND excitement for the slower season ahead that will allow more room for tangible progress on the tiny house. I haven’t completed as much as I had hoped as I approach my one year mark along this incredible journey. However, since our first blog post, I (we) have absolutely made progress.

With great tools, friends, and experts a phone call away, I managed to finish 99% of siding and install a discounted solar panel on the roof from Northern Arizona Wind and Sun. The solar panel will power a low-voltage refrigerator and a handful of outlets. The plan is to try to keep the tiny home lit with candlelight, using little to no artificial light after dark.

With the help of a helpful, knowledgeable community, the electric is mostly in and the plumbing is in progress. The internal plans and designs are starting to take shape for this 170 sq. foot dwelling. The process is overwhelming yet invigorating. I’m constantly looking at other plans, homes, YouTube ideas, and I’m trying new apps that provide tips and tricks for DIY projects. I’m also hoping to work with local groups to construct plans for a fun, but complicated stairway, closet, drawer combo.

More than anything, my spirit is lifted beyond belief for this project and all that it’s teaching me. It reminds me to be patient and present in the moment and not to lose sight of the joy found in the process. It continues to teach me about the limits as well as the opportunities in “tiny” spaces. Finally, it reminds me to hold onto my creativity along the way and not settle for what others have done. The consideration of an outdoor shower vs indoor is a fun example!

Plus, when you get to sleep in the cozy quarters of a window wrapped oasis (i.e., loft) under the stars, alongside the quiet mountain air and with your best furry friend, there is no room for anything but gratitude. 

wide exterior view of a DIY tiny house in the Colorado wilderness
Close-up of the 140 watt solar panel on DIY tiny house roof

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Nicolle Picray, Content Marketing & Social Media, Pella Windows & Doors

A self-proclaimed Social Media Geek and DIY aficionado, Nicolle is a member of the Pella Marketing team, focused on content creation and curation. In her free time she can be found pillaging thrift shops for furniture projects, attempting to rationalize with her 4 year old daughter, and editing her husband’s honey-do list.

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