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How to Bring Summer Indoors

Summer is too short not to make the most of it.  Infuse your home with the colors, textures and atmosphere of the season and bring summer indoors with these decorating ideas.

Fresh Flowers
The garden isn't the only place flowers can be admired.  Take cues from your home's landscaping and bring blooms into living spaces for an instant uplift.  Arrange flowers throughout the home, or pot fragrant herbs, such as mint, rosemary and sage, for a renewing aroma.

Fresh Smells
Speaking of aromas, let's talk about some other ways to infuse a fresh summer smell into your home.  Hopefully by now evergreen and gingerbread soaps, sprays and candles are tucked into the closet or basement.  If not, now's the time to replace them with summer fragrances.  A few of our favorites: coconut, brown sugar and fig, lemon, mango, peach, cucumber melon, lavender, hibiscus, rose, fresh cotton and anything that smells like the sea.

Exterior view of a home with a red screen door
Pella® Select® Double Bevel Storm Door in Real Red

Fresh Air
Nothing says summer like a sunny day or a warm, comforting breeze. Save money on air conditioning costs and take advantage of nice weather by installing storm doors and windows that offer seasonal ventilation.

Fresh Beats
Every summer needs a soundtrack – a playlist of songs to help us keep track of the moments and memories that make up those long summer days and nights.  Don't worry about making your own playlist, though.  We've got you covered.  Head over to Spotify to listen to Pella's "Kickoff to Summer" station.

Fresh Paint
Think about the different rooms in your home.  Is there a room you spend more time in during the summer months?  Designate a room as the "summer room" and give it a new, vibrant look with a fresh coat of summer-inspired paint and brighter wall art.

Interior view of a bedroom with 3 casement windows
Pella® Impervia® Casement and Fixed Windows

Fresh Essentials
Say goodbye to heavy fabrics, blankets and drapes and lighten up your home with breezier textiles like organza, chiffon and linen.  In the bedroom, swap out the comforter for a breathable quilt that suits summer's warmer temperatures.

Fresh Decor
Start by redecorating your home with the bright, sunny colors of summer.  In the kitchen and dining room, take farm-to-table to a whole new level by turning farmers market produce into edible centerpieces.  You can also purposefully mix outdoor furniture and accessories throughout the indoor aesthetic to create an endless flow between the comfort and bliss of inside and outside.

Keep things fresh this season with a brightly colored entry door.  Visit your local Pella Showroom to learn more about Pella's Vibrancy Collection of entry door colors.

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